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Loads of Opportunity...

With annual sales of over 7 billion dollars an award winning management training program, competitive salary and bonuses and lot’s o’ benefits, you may want to check this company out.

Your training will include on the job instruction, classroom work in their PA headquarters, and can lead to positions in Marketing, Management, Human Resources, Distribution, Sales, and more. If you have good communication skills, a good work ethic, and don’t want to spend your professional life sitting behind a desk, Management positions at Sherwin Williams might be for you.

They want more SUNY Oswego grads, major not critical! Register for your free account through our LakerLeads system, upload your resume, and apply by March 24th if you are interested.  The District Recruiter will be on campus conducting interviews this fall for selected candidates, and will be attending the Career Fair on March 31st in the Swetman Gym

*Review basic job description (.doc 33kb)


Directions to apply for positions

**Rule #1: when inside this online system, never use the browser back button.  Utilize the small green "Back" button at the top of most pages, or use the tabs in the system.  If you get "lost" and all else fails, consider logging out and logging back in.  It will be helpful to PRINT this page.

1.  Register for a FREE LakerLeads account:

- Go to: LakerLeads website and click the "Register" button

- Fill out brief profile and click submit
- choose "yes" for the last two questions regarding system emails and resume books
- Check your email account for verification message and follow link it provides to activate account

*You are now registered and on the LakerLeads web site.  Feel free to browse around - the system can process your letters of recommendation, list our career related events, connect you to national opportunities, and much more.

2.  Upload Your Documents

- you will need to upload one resume and different cover letters for each company (there is no limit to the number of documents you can upload)
- click on the "documents" tab at the top (complete "Academic Information" page if prompted)
- click "add new" button at the bottom of the page
- name the document to be uploaded something obvious (ie. Morris_resume.doc or Sherwin_cover.doc)
- choose the type of document you are uploading
- browse to the document you wish to upload and click submit
- if you wish to upload additional documents, click "add new" and continue

*The system will convert your document to a pdf - we have found that it takes no more than a minute or so

3.  Find a company and apply for a job

- Click on "LakerLeads" tab at top and select "LakerLeads" from drop down menu (these are opportunities specific to SUNY Oswego)
- Search by company name in "Keyword" box.  
- click the correct job title to view more information about that company and the position - paying CLOSE attention to the application procedures/requirements; double check that the application deadline date is Oct. 4th, to be sure you have the correct job
- choose the document you wish to send them (on right hand side) and click the "submit" button on the right.  You have officially applied for the job!
- to apply for other jobs, click the GREEN BACK BUTTON under the home tab and type in another company name

* If you need to withdraw your application (ie: you found a typo in your resume), you can do so prior to the application deadline.

- click the home button on the top tab
- click "LakerLeads" tab and choose "LakerLeads"
- click the "Applications" tab to see a list of your current applications.  The withdraw button is on the right side.  Feel free to reapply prior to the deadline.