Career Services

Part-Time Employment

Finding a job while attending SUNY Oswego means beginning early and contacting campus offices and/or local businesses and organizations.  Students not returning to previous jobs should begin looking immediately upon arrival on campus or during the late summer.  With so many new part-time job hunters in the market, competition can be intense.  Develop a resume (Career Services can help) and prepare a sample job application ( to make applying easier.  Consider applying for positions on and off-campus.

This guide will assist you in locating employment with organizations that offer paid part-time positions.  Some agencies may also hire full-time for the summer.  Additional information regarding summer employment is included at the end of this handout.  You might also consider paid and unpaid internships for academic credit as well as volunteering for community service positions.

Jobs On Campus

On campus positions are either Work Study or Temporary Service (Temp Service).  Temp Service jobs are available in many campus departments and hiring takes place through those departments directly, thus you may inquire directly with the staff of that department. 

Work Study positions are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and work assignments are coordinated through Financial Aid Office Student Employment, Culkin Hall, Room 206, 315-312-2248. 

The Financial Aid Office maintains a clearinghouse of part-time jobs on and off-campus. Financial Aid/Student Employment Information Sessions are held each semester.  Contact the Office for specific dates.

Campus Employers

Auxiliary Services, 506 Culkin Hall. The largest employer of SUNY Oswego students.  Positions in all areas of retail and food services.  Applications may be picked up at their offices in 506 Culkin Hall, or downloaded from their student employment website.

Residence Life and Housing,  303 Culkin Hall. Resident Assistant positions, desk attendants and other service personnel.

Penfield Library. The library generally has about 20 temp service positions each year.  Inquire at the circulation desk.

Campus Technology Services, based in Lanigan Hall, hires and trains lab assistants and student operators.

Department of Campus Life, Marano Center. Offers positions as house crew and student managers.

Intramurals and Recreation, Lee Hall. Positions as lifeguards, sports officials, finance assistant, swim instructors, and student supervisors: 

Lab Assistant positions in the College of Arts and Sciences. Contact department chairs or department secretaries for more information.

Student Association (The Point, Marano Center) has some paid positions.

Tutors in the Office of Learning Services, Poucher wing of the Marano Center.

Fitness Centers.  Contact Cooper or Glimmerglass Fitness Center staff.

Oswego State Telefund, Development Office, 322 Sheldon Hall, 312-3069.

Off Campus Jobs: Oswego City and surrounding area

Individual employers  and local businesses. Resources include local phone directory, Info/USA ( at Career Services)

Newspaper Classifieds: 

- The Palladium Times ( Oswego's daily newspaper

- The Oswego Shopper  one of Oswego County Weekly publications

Greater Oswego/Fulton Chamber of Commerce (44 East Bridge St. Oswego 343-7681). Listing of local potential employers.

New York State Department of Labor (200 North Second St. Fulton, NY 13069 315.591.9000).

Oswego County Personnel Office, 46 East Bridge Street, Oswego.  349-8367

Oswego County Employment and Training  (200 North Second St. Fulton, NY 13069 315.591.9000)

Oswego City Personnel Office, City Hall, West 1st and Oneida Streets, Oswego. 342-8159

 Local Temp Service Agencies

- STAFKINGS Personnel Systems  106 West Utica Street, Oswego.  342-1390

- Adecco, Fulton, NY  598-8230

Paid Internships: All credit-bearing internships and experiences are handled through the Experience-based Education Office through Laker Leads.


Summer Employment

Career Services Listserv (careers-osw-l). Register online.  This service provides frequent updates during the academic year for Oswego students on career related activities, programs, internships, and jobs.

Summer Job Fair - Held each spring semester.  Check Career Services website for dates.

AmeriCorps  Part time and summer positions, Oswego City/County Youth Bureau, 70 Bunner Street, 349-3451

SUNY Oswego/Human Resources, 201 Culkin Hall.  Some positions on campus.

Volunteer and Community Services

Paid Summer Internships: All credit-bearing internships and experiences are handled through the Experience-Based Education Office, 145Campus Center.

Career Services/Resume Help

Email Notices. The Career Services Listserv (careers-osw-l) provides daily updates during the academic year for Oswego students on many and varied activities, programs, internships, and jobs available through the department.

Website Fulltime Vacancies. Visit the Career Services website to check listings of full time career positions.

Get help with your resume by attending a workshop or dropping in during walk-in hours.  Contact Career  Services for details.


Visit the Experience-Based Education website or stop by their office in the Compass, 145Campus Center.

Volunteer/Community Services Office

Consider volunteering time to gain experience and explore career possibilities through the Center for Service Learning & Community Service.  Visit the Office at 145Campus Center or browse their website.  Volunteer positions often can lead to paid positions.