Hire a SUNY Oswego Student!

Partner with us by visiting campus, hosting students at your worksite, or working with us to create cutom recruitment events for our company!  To make arrangements, please contact Mallory Bower, Associate Director of Career Services, at (315-312-2255). 

On-Campus Interviews are generally screening interviews conducted in half-hour intervals, but modifications to this schedule may be arranged. (Note: If you are not planning to conduct actual interviews but would like to visit the campus to be available for discussions with students, contact our office about setting up a table in our Campus Center corridor.

Fall on campus recruiting runs from early October to mid-November and Spring on campus recruiting runs from mid-February to mid-April. Your organization and position are posted on LakerLeads and together, we'll establish a deadline date by which interested students must apply online. After the deadline passes, you view, print, and prescreen candidate resumes, make candidate selections and forward those names to Career Services via fax or email. Career Services then establishes interview schedules, notifies students of selection, and assists students in scheduling interviews times. 

Information Sessions 
Schedule an information session in conjunction with an on-campus recruiting visit or as a preliminary way to introduce your organiztion and opportunities to SUNY Oswego students. Information sessions can be scheduled based on room availability. To schedule a session, contact Career Services at (315) 312-2255.

Tabling in the University Center
Gain visibility and meet students in a less formal way than a group presentation. Tables may be scheduled from Monday-Friday based on availability. Contact Career Services at (315) 312-2255.

Driving Directions to Campus
Campus Map and Directions