Graduate and Professional School Fair

Who's Participating?

SUNY Oswego Graduate and Professional School Fair

11 am - 1 pm, Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Marano Campus Center Gymnasium

All students are invited. Meet with representatives from the following colleges and universities:

Fall 2015 List of Representatives

InstitutionDirectory Info.
Across the Pond For the past 11 years Across the Pond have been providing a free personalized counseling and advisory service to US students interested in Bachelor's and Graduate degrees at some of the best colleges and graduate schools in Britain and Europe. If you are interested in attending a university in England, Scotland or Wales, we can offer you the support and guidance that will significantly improve your chances of acceptance.

Across the Pond select and work with UK universities that offer internationally recognized degrees in the greatest range and breadth of courses at the highest academic level. This provides you with a wealth of degree programs, institutions and locations to choose from. With the free expert guidance and support every step of the way, your very own personal advisor helps you get first-hand knowledge and expertise to guide you through the application process.
Adelphi University A private liberal arts university, Adelphi University is located in Garden City, NY with campuses throughout NY state including Hudson Valley, Hauppauge, and Manhattan. The university boasts more than 70 top tier graduate programs across Arts and Sciences, Business, Emergency Management, Education, Nursing and Public Health, Psychology and Social Work (and more!).
Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Science Founded in 1881, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a private, independent institution with a long tradition of academic and research excellence. The College is committed to educating the next generation of leaders in the health care professions and advancing innovative research that translates scientific discoveries into therapies that benefit humankind. In addition to its Doctor of Pharmacy program, ACPHS offers six bachelor's programs and five graduate programs in the health sciences. The College's main campus is located in Albany, New York; its satellite campus is in Colchester, Vermont.
Albany Law School Albany Law School is the nation's oldest Private independent school of law. Founded in 1851, Albany Law has played an important role in the development of legal education in the United States. The current governor of the State of New York is a graduate of Albany Law School. Learn more about our SUNY Fellowship Initiative Scholarship ($51K scholarship):
Alfred University Alfred University is the second oldest co-educational institutions in the nation awarding graduate degrees in art, engineering, counseling, school psychology, and business.

Alfred University offers a charming campus ideal for serious research, creativity, and study with small class sizes to allow direct access to faculty. Our graduate faculty are training future colleagues, so mentoring relationships form naturally. Current and former students impact personal and professional growth of students in the Graduate School developing networks of professional contacts during their studies which they maintain as alumni.
American University
Kogod Business School
Kogod: Focus on Business in the Capital

American University is known for its distinctive character - as a place where students learn from leaders in their fields and are engaged in active citizenship. Our Washington, D.C. location serves as a laboratory for learning through work, internships, and other forms of experiential education.

The Kogod School of Business embodies this character. We know that conducting business in the capital, where so many industries and sectors meet, is unlike doing business anywhere else in the world and we are committed to preparing our graduates to excel in this dynamic environment.

Our faculty are experts in their fields and regularly conduct research in the industries distinctive to the Washington, D.C. region. In addition to their research and classroom responsibilities, our faculty curate Kogod's Business in the Capital Event Series. Launched in September 2014, this series focuses on five industry tracks and regularly brings experts to campus to expand our community's knowledge base.

The tracks are:
-Health & Biotech
-Entrepreneurship & Tech
-Business to Government
-Regulation and Compliance
-Kogod and World Capitals
American University of Integrative Sciences,
St. Maarten School of Medicine
The American University of Integrative Sciences, St. Maarten School of Medicine (AUIS) has worked to train and educate quality physicians since its inception in 1999. We are located on the island of St. Maarten in the Dutch Caribbean.

We are providing students with an exceptional internationally-recognized education in traditional Allopathic medicine and also reinforced with the added benefits of Integrative Medicine. AUIS is poised to graduate physicians best suited for the 21st century.

Our Integrative medicine focus educates our graduates in scientifically proven techniques by using alternative measures, such as diet, lifestyle, homeopathy, and acupuncture to prevent disease before it occurs. AUIS is diverse and enrolls students from the United States and around the world. Our professors are both skilled doctors and experienced instructors. AUIS also prides itself in an exemplary Clinical program that has clinical sites available in more than 40 states and over 400 hospitals.

The mission of the American University of Integrative Sciences, St. Maarten School of Medicine is to develop world-class medical doctors who have a solid education in Allopathic Medicine, with an understanding of alternative and holistic approaches that focus on healing preventive care instead of reactive/palliative patient care.
Bank Street College
Graduate School of Education
Bank Street is a progressive Graduate School of Education in New York City that offers master's degrees for those wanting to pursue teacher certification for the first time or expand on the certification they have already received. Initiatives like The Little Golden Books, The Voyage of the Mimi, and Head Start all have roots in our rich history. We're also still a big voice in New York City when it comes to education, as noted in the city's efforts to expand Universal Pre-K with the Graduate School's help.

Our master's programs integrate direct experience with children, teachers, and families, exploration and examination of theory, and observation and reflection. We prepare adults for professional work in schools, museums, hospitals, and community organizations.
Baruch College
Ziklin School of Business CUNY
Baruch College is part of a tradition that dates back more than 160 years to the founding of the Free Academy, the very first free public institution of higher education in the nation. Today the Zicklin School of Business is perhaps the oldest and amongst the largest schools of Business in the United States. The experience you will receive here provides the perfect combination of high-quality academics, program variety and affordability for students striving to excel in today's competitive business world. With students from over 166 countries, speaking 110 languages and with a 43% female population, the Zicklin School of Business offers a very diverse community from which to study. Our scholarship, research, and career services are intertwined with New York City's vibrant business landscape.
Binghamton University
The Graduate School
The best public university in the northeast. Binghamton University has built a reputation as a world-class institution that combines a broadly interdisciplinary, international education with one of the most vibrant research programs in the nation.

Binghamton is proud to be ranked among the elite public universities in the nation for challenging our students academically, not financially. The result is a unique, best-of-both-worlds college experience.

Our academic culture rivals a first-rate private university - rigorous, collaborative and boldly innovative - while our campus culture exemplifies the best kind of public university experience: richly diverse students, active social life and deep engagement with the community.

Our students, both undergraduate and graduate, work one-on-one with an exceptional faculty that includes Pulitzer Prize winners and groundbreaking scholars. They take advantage of special academic opportunities like combined degrees, foreign language study groups and an unparalleled international education program.
Binghamton University The best public university in the northeast. Binghamton University has built a reputation as a world-class institution that combines a broadly interdisciplinary, international education with one of the most vibrant research programs in the nation.

Binghamton is proud to be ranked among the elite public universities in the nation for challenging our students academically, not financially. The result is a unique, best-of-both-worlds college experience.

Our academic culture rivals a first-rate private university - rigorous, collaborative and boldly innovative - while our campus culture exemplifies the best kind of public university experience: richly diverse students, active social life and deep engagement with the community.

Our students, both undergraduate and graduate, work one-on-one with an exceptional faculty that includes Pulitzer Prize winners and groundbreaking scholars. They take advantage of special academic opportunities like combined degrees, foreign language study groups and an unparalleled international education program.
Boston Architectural College The Boston Architectural College (BAC) is an independent, professional college in Boston's Back Bay that provides an exceptional design education by combining academic learning with innovative experiential learning and by making its programs accessible to diverse communities. The College offers professional and accredited graduate and undergraduate degrees in architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, and design studies.
City College of New York The City College of New York (CCNY), the first college of The City University of New York (CUNY), is a comprehensive teaching, research, and service institution dedicated to accessibility and excellence in undergraduate and graduate education. Requiring demonstrated potential for admission and a high level of accomplishment for graduation, the College provides a diverse student body with opportunities to achieve academically, creatively, and professionally in the liberal arts and sciences and in professional fields such as engineering, education, architecture, and biomedical education. The College is committed to fostering student-centered education and advancing knowledge through scholarly research. As a public university with public purposes, it also seeks to contribute to the cultural, social, and economic life of New York.
Clarkson University By earning the Clarkson MBA, our graduates demonstrate their uncompromising work ethic. They have mastered an advanced curriculum developed with industry and have proven their ability to solve real-world problems. From corporate offices to independent start ups, they are sought after because they excel. If you're ready to lead and take on new challenges, then it's time to make the future you want.
CUNY Queens College Queens College, a senior college of the City University of New York (CUNY), offers high-quality, high-value graduate education-more than 60 master's and certificate programs. Our award-winning faculty and students from more than 150 countries come together to create an extraordinary, welcoming community.
CUNY School of Law CUNY School of Law is the premier public interest law school in the country.

Students come to study at CUNY Law because they want to change the world. Inspiring faculty members show students legal solutions to real world problems. Students work closely with the legal community advancing social justice outside the school.

Students come to study at CUNY because they value diversity. It is our goal to provide access to the legal profession to underserved communities and to help the practicing bar better reflects the diversity and vibrancy of these communities.

Students also come to study at CUNY Law because our clinical program consistently ranks in the top ten nationwide. Our innovative, integrated pedagogy blends clinical skills with doctrinal education throughout the three years of study.

CUNY School of Law traditionally sends more students directly into public interest and public service practice than any other law school in the nation.
D'Youville College For over 100 years, D'Youville College has provided students from Buffalo and the surrounding area with the education and skills needed to pursue their chosen careers. We have grown into a comprehensive campus offering 43 bachelors, 12 masters and 6 doctoral degrees. With a student population of just over 3000, D'Youville has gained an international reputation with students enrolled from 15 different countries.

Graduate programs are offered in Nursing, Education, Health Service Administration, International Business, MBA, & Occupational Therapy. Professional doctorates are offered in Chiropractic, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy. & Doctor of Nursing. D'Youville offers Ed.D. in Health Administration and Educational Leadership
Daemen College Expand your knowledge and career potential through graduate studies at Daemen College. Daemen is committed to being an exceptional institution of higher learning. Our students are the focus of our programs and our renowned faculty are dedicated to developing each student's unique abilities. Daemen strives to help every student reach their education and professional goals. With a combination of exceptional resources, faculty, and learning experiences, our graduate and professional programs will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence you need to not only succeed professionally but to succeed in your field.
Dominican College We offer a number of different Graduate Programs, such as: Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (t-DPT) Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) M.S. in Nursing- Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) BS/MS in Occupational Therapy Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting, Management or Healthcare Management M.S. In Education (Childhood Education, Childhood Education & Students with Disabilities, Adolescence Education, Adolescence Education & Students with Disabilities) M.S. in Education (Students with Disabilities, Teachers of Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired (TVI))
Dowling College Dowling College offers a variety of MBA Programs through the School of Business. They include, Aviation Management, Information Systems Management, Healthcare Management, Management & Leadership, Corporate Finance, Sports Management and Criminal Justice. We also offer a Masters of Science in Education in the following: Adolescence Education, Childhood and Early Childhood Education, Literacy Education, Special Education, and Educational Technology Leadership.

We understand that life gets busy - Dowling offers you a convenient way to take classes, either online, Saturday or traditional in class.
Elmira College Elmira College Office of Continuing Education and Graduate Studies offers programs of graduate study with full or part-time options leading to Master of Science degrees in General Management; Health Services Management; Education: Literacy (Birth-12); Education: General Education; and Corporate & Community Education. Elmira College also offers Advanced Graduate Certificates in Health Services Management, Human Resource Development, General Management, Mark Twain Studies and Training of Trainers.
Fordham University
Graduate School of Social Service
As a nationally ranked Graduate School of Social Service, our insightful curriculum, hands-on field instruction, world-class faculty, and diverse student body uniquely prepare our students to have a positive impact on the lives of others. Our graduates are able to step into exciting, rewarding careers serving clients in clinical settings, leadership, macro practice, and research.

GRE Program ETS conducts assessment and policy research and develops assessments and related services to advance quality and equity in learning worldwide. ETS is the maker of the GRE, which is taken by prospective graduate and business school applicants worldwide. GRE scores are used by admissions and fellowship panels to supplement your undergraduate records, recommendation letters and other qualifications for graduate-level study.
Hofstra University Located on in Hempstead, New York, Hofstra University is just 25 miles from New York City. With over 160 distinguished graduate program options in the Frank G. Zarb School of Business, School of Education, Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and School of Health Sciences and Human Services, we are sure that you will find a course of study that fits your life.

Graduate studies at Hofstra University:
- Offers students the opportunity to pursue master's or doctoral degrees, advanced certificates, or professional diplomas
- Welcomes students to a select and collaborative community of scholars, faculty, and professionals who value both theory and practice
- Promotes and facilitates the pursuit of lifelong education in traditional and nontraditional arenas encourages scholarship, research and professional training in and across disciplines
- Helps students to further their careers in growth-area fields by constantly adapting curricula to meet current needs
- Blends state-of-the-art campus facilities with strong community connections to ensure student success after graduation

For more information about our Graduate program options, please visit our website: or call 516-463-4723 to speak with one of our representatives.
John Jay College of Criminal Justice John Jay College has been a world leader in educating for justice since 1964. We define justice both narrowly, with an eye toward meeting the needs of criminal justice and public service agencies, and broadly, in terms of enduring questions about fairness, equality and the rule of law.

We are recognized globally for delivering the highest standards of graduate training and professional education. As a graduate student, you will have access to a wide range of resources and opportunities to help you succeed in your education and eventual profession, such as a renowned faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, research capabilities and strong partnerships with industry leaders.
Kaplan Test Prep Kaplan Test Prep provides comprehensive preparation for entrance exams required for admission into graduate and professional school including the GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, DAT, OAT and PCAT exams.
LIU (Long Island University)
Post, Brooklyn, Rockland, Westcheter, West Point
LIU is one of the nation's largest private universities. Since its founding in 1926, LIU has provided high quality academic programs taught by world-class faculty. LIU offers 500 accredited programs to more than 20,000 students and has a network of over 200,000 alumni that includes leaders in industries across the globe. Visit for more information. With graduate campuses located in Suffolk, Nassau, Brooklyn, Rockland, Westchester and Orange Counties, LIU may be closer to your home then you think.
Manhattan College Manhattan College is a Lasallian educational institution founded in 1853 by the De La Salle Christian Brothers, a Catholic religious teaching order started by Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the patron saint of teachers. De La Salle is known as the innovator of modern pedagogy for his work establishing schools to educate disadvantaged children in 17th century France.

Our lush, 22-acre campus in Riverdale offers a safe and secure home base that's within arm's reach of the greatest city in the world - New York. Education at Manhattan College has a strong focus on practical, experiential learning.

Manhattan College offers graduate programs within our Schools of Business, Education, Engineering, Science, and Continuing and Professional Studies
Marist College Located on the east bank of the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, New York, Marist College is an independent, private liberal arts institution serving upwards of 1,000 graduate students. Flexibility in course scheduling allows students the opportunity to take courses either on our main campus in Poughkeepsie or at our extension center in Fishkill, on-line at your convenience, or a combination of both. Marist College offers Masters Degree programs in Museum Studies, Business Administration, Communication, Integrated Marketing Communication, Information Systems, Software Development, Education, Educational Psychology, Mental Health Counseling, Public Administration, Physician Assistant* and School Psychology. We also offer an Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics and Information Systems. Programs which can be completed entirely online include: Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Communication, Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication, Master of Science in Information Systems, Master of Public Administration, Advanced Certificate in Information Systems, Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics and the Master of Arts in Educational Psychology. Our Master of Arts in Museum Studies program is held at our campus in Florence Italy.
*Pending accreditation
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences MCPHS University has a legacy built on the pursuit of excellence in health care education. For almost 200 years, we've been driven by a commitment to educating students for the exciting, expanding health care industry, and helping them achieve their real vision of success.

We offer programs across a wide spectrum of health care specialties; cutting-edge, professional labs and equipment; and an exciting, fun urban campus culture. Be part of a great educational community, and be part of the future of health care. Campus locations include Boston, MA, Worcester, MA, and Manchester, NH.
Medaille College
Adult & Graduate Education
Take the Next Step at Medaille College

With life experience, professional expertise or a degree under your belt, you're already part of the real world, and you know what it takes to succeed. More often than not, you need to add that extra degree to your resume so you can be recognized as one of the qualified, educated individuals who can lead in their career. If you want to advance your career, or set out on a new professional path, you need the degree.

Medaille wants you to stand out from the rest. That's why we give you the hands-on experience you need to get certified and get your degree in as little time as possible. Medaille is uniquely positioned to offer you exactly what you need to take the next step in your professional life, from associate's to doctorate degrees. With our trademark convenient scheduling options, practitioner-based learning and career-focused education, you become better prepared than your competition.
Mercy College Mercy College is a private institution offering more than 25 graduate programs within our 5 Schools; School of Business, School of Education, School of Health and Natural Sciences, School of Liberal Arts and School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Programs include MBA, Human Resource Mgmt., Organizational Mgmt., Public Accounting, Education; Cyber Security, English Lit., Communication Disorders, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Nursing Admin., Nursing Educ., Physician Asst. Studies; Counseling, Health Services Mgmt., Marriage and Family Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Psychology and School Psychology.
Mercy College offers a quality education with reasonable tuition rates. Programs are offered at our campuses located in Dobbs Ferry, the Bronx, Manhattan, Yorktown and on-line.
Molloy College Molloy College's programs include a Master's of Business Administration (Management, Accounting, Marketing, Healthcare and Personal Financial Planning) Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Masters of Science in Criminal Justice, Master of Science in Nursing (Nursing Education, Nursing Administration with Informatics, Clinical Nurse Specialist: Adult Health, and Nurse Practitioner: Adult, Family, Psychiatry and Pediatric), Masters of Science in Education (Childhood, Adolescent, Dual Special Education, and TESOL), Masters of Science in Speech Language Pathology and Masters of Social Work degree through the collaborative Fordham/Molloy Program.
Monroe College
King Graduate School
The King Graduate School prepares students to understand the unique challenges of urban communities around the globe and to have a positive impact on them through a focused curriculum and applied research.

We value:
- A commitment to teaching and learning in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, criminal and social justice, hospitality management, public health and safety
- An integration of local, national and international perspectives
- A practical, research-based approach to improving communities

At King, students will be able to adapt their graduate studies to their interests by choosing one of our many concentrations and will be able to participate in applied research that attempts to solve practical problems facing urban communities. The King curriculum is industry-driven and the program is tailored to prepare graduates for managerial-level and leadership positions. Classes are offered on campus and online in the evenings and weekends so students have the flexibility if they choose to both work full-time and attend school.
Nazareth College Nazareth College's academic strengths cross an unusually broad spectrum of 60 majors in the fields of education, health and human services, liberal arts, management, math and science, and the visual and performing arts. The coeducational, religiously independent, classic campus in a charming suburb of Rochester, N.Y., challenges and supports 2,000 undergrads and 800 graduate students. Nazareth is recognized nationally for its Fulbright global student scholars and commitment to civic engagement. Rigorous programs, an uncommon arts and sciences core, experiential learning, career skills, and a global focus prepare graduates for not just one job, but for their life's work.
New York Institute of Technology New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) is a private, degree-granting, not-for-profit global university, committed to educating the next generation of leaders, inspiring innovation, and advancing applications-oriented research and entrepreneurship. With two campuses in New York (Manhattan and Old Westbury, Long Island), as well as campuses in Nanjing, China; Vancouver, Canada; and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, NYIT provides a technology-infused education to 12,000+ students from nearly all 50 states and 100 countries. NYIT offers more than 50 graduate programs in architecture and design, arts and sciences, education, engineering and computing sciences, health professions, management, and osteopathic medicine. For a list of all graduate programs, visit
Nearly 100,000 NYIT alumni are part of an engaged network of physicians, architects, scientists, engineers, business leaders, digital artists, health care professionals, and more. By learning how to analyze and question assumptions, NYIT graduates are culturally aware, profession ready, and prepared to solve today's-and tomorrow's-greatest challenges.

Visit to learn if NYIT is right for you and to find out about scholarships and financial aid. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or 516.686.7520.
New York Law School New York Law School (NYLS), located in the heart of New York City's financial, legal, government and emerging tech districts, grants students unparalleled access to the countless professional opportunities available within just blocks of its state-of-the-art facilities. By way of our full-time and part-time evening programs, as well as our innovative, new Two-Year J.D. Honors Program, NYLS offers students a first-rate legal education designed to help them succeed in the modern legal marketplace.
New York University
School of Professional Studies
NYU's School of Professional Studies offers 16 master's degree programs and 15 graduate certificates that reflect emerging trends, opportunities, and innovative business strategies and are taught by faculty members who are experts in their field. Intellectually stimulating classroom experiences are supplemented by internships, study abroad opportunities, online study options, an extensive array of seminars and professionally oriented events, and networking opportunities that open the door to new opportunities for professional growth. NYU School of Professional Studies programs and certificates empower you with the critical knowledge and the skills necessary to take the next step in your career.
Niagara University Niagara University, recognized nationally for its academic excellence and commitment to the community, is also a leader in graduate education. Niagara University provides over 60 graduate awards, scholarships, graduate assistantships and campus employment opportunities for graduate students attending the university. Niagara's graduate programs feature a combination of engaging coursework and hands-on learning. Through the challenging curriculum individuals are taught by highly credentialed faculty. Graduate students expand their knowledge through field experiences, internships, community projects and research. For more than 155 years, Niagara University has been educating students in the highest academic tradition. Niagara University's beautiful 160-acre New York campus runs along the top of scenic Monteagle Ridge overlooking the Niagara River gorge just four miles north of the world-famous waterfall. The location of the campus, which is adjacent to the international border between the United State and Canada, provides convenient access to transportation hubs and global opportunities for our students.
Pace University Pace has campuses in New York City and Westchester County, enrolling almost 13,000 students in bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs in its College of Health Professions, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Lubin School of Business, School of Education, School of Law, and Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems.
Palmer College of Chiropractic Palmer College of Chiropractic is the founding college of the chiropractic profession, and is known as the trusted leader in chiropractic education. It was founded in 1897, in Davenport, Iowa, by D.D. Palmer, the discoverer of chiropractic. Palmer College of Chiropractic has nearly 2,100 students at its campuses in Davenport, Iowa; Port Orange, Fla.; and San Jose, Calif.
Quinnipiac University
School of Law
The University of New Hampshire School of Law, an intimate, innovative law school, is committed to developing students who enjoy challenging dialogue from the first moments of orientation, embrace practice-based learning, grow through the collegiality of a 12:1 student/faculty ratio, and stand ready to join the ranks of alumni who are global leaders in intellectual property, general practice, public policy, and commerce and technology.
Roberts Wesleyan College Roberts Wesleyan College was founded in 1866 and is located on the west side of Rochester. We offer many Adult and Graduate Education options.
Rochester Institute of Technology RIT offers 70 graduate programs in Art, Design, Crafts, Photography, Animation, Business, Communications, Service and Hospitality; Education, Psychology, and Human Resources; Science, Health Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics and Imaging Science; Applied Arts & Sciences; Sustainability; Computing and Information Sciences; and Engineering and Technology. Degrees offered include M. Arch., MBA, MFA, MS, MST, ME and Ph.D. Diverse University with students from more than 110 countries. $17 million in scholarships and graduate assistantships was awarded to graduate students last year. 95% graduate students get jobs or pursue additional degrees. Career fairs draw 400+ employers and thousands of students are interviewed on campus annually.
Roger Williams University
School of Law
Roger Williams University School of Law is located in historic Bristol, Rhode Island, and is the only law school in the state. Under its Affordable Excellence initiative, tuition was reduced by 18% and will be frozen for the next 3 years, making RWU Law the best-priced, private, ABA-accredited law school in the northeast. RWU Law has a Clinical Guarantee that all qualified students will be afforded a substantial, hands-on clinical experience by the time they graduate. It also offers a Semester in Practice Clinical Externship program, whereby students can earn a full semester of credit through total immersion in an externship placement anywhere in the U.S. and beyond.
Ross University
School of Medicine &
School of Veterinary Medicine
About Ross University School of Medicine
Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM), founded in 1978, is committed to educating a diverse group of skilled physicians to serve as leaders in the U.S. healthcare system. With more than 11,000 alumni, RUSM has become an important part of healthcare education in the United States. Students complete their foundational studies in Dominica, West Indies, before completing their clinical training in one of RUSM's affiliated teaching hospitals throughout the US. RUSM is accredited by the Dominican Medical Board and the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions.

About Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM), founded in 1982, is committed to preparing students to become members and leaders of the worldwide public and professional healthcare team and to advance human and animal health (One Health Initiative) through research and knowledge exchange. RUSVM has focused research programs with an emphasis on emerging infectious and zoonotic diseases, conservation medicine, and ecosystem health. RUSVM is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association ( to offer the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree program. The RUSVM Veterinary Teaching Hospital is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (
Sacred Heart University Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut is New England's 2nd largest Catholic University, offering graduate degrees in various fields of study and numerous certificate programs and concentrations.
The John F. Welch College of Business offers the AACSB-accredited Welch MBA, Accounting, Digital Marketing, Human Resource Management, along with graduate certificates, as well as the only U.S.-accredited MBA program on our own campus in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
The Colleges of Education and Health Professions offer Master's degrees in Education, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Science and Nutrition, Nursing, Healthcare Informatics, Speech Language Pathology, Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, Master of Physician Assistant Studies, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT).
Graduate degrees in the College of Arts & Sciences include Applied Psychology, Chemistry, Communication, Computer Science & IT, Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, Film and Television Production and Sports Communication.
Salus University Salus University, founded as the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1919, is a diversified, globally recognized, professional academic medical center of learning that offers a wide range of accredited graduate and professional degree programs including: Optometry, Audiology, Physician Assistant, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired, Public Health, and Biomedicine.
St. John's University More than ever, a graduate degree is a solid investment in your continuing success. A growing number of employers prefer candidates with a graduate education. Though salaries may vary by field, a 2011 report by Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce says that an advanced degree can boost earning power by up to 40 percent. For lifelong learners, graduate school means even more increased earning power - See more at:
St. Joseph's College The Graduate Programs that St. Joseph's College offers include:
Executive MBA (online and on campus)
MBA in Accounting
MBA in Health Care Management
MBA in Health Care Management with Concentrations in Health Information Systems
MS in Management with concentrations in Organizational Management, Human Resources and Health Care Management

MA in Childhood/ Adolescent Special Education with an annotation in Severe and Multiple Disabilities
MA in Literacy and Cognition, Birth-grade 6, Grades 5-12 and Birth-Grade 12
Dual MA in Literacy and Childhood/Adolescent Special Education with an annotation in Severe and Multiple Disabilities
MA in Infant Toddler Early Childhood Special Education
MA in Mathematics Education

Human Services
MS. Human Services Leadership

MS in Nursing/Nursing Education
MS in Nursing/Clinical Nurse Specialist - Gerontology

St. Joseph's College, is an independent coeducational college with campuses in Long Island and Brooklyn, NY. We have a long history of providing an excellent, yet affordable, college education. Our reputation has consistently earned St. Joseph's a place in the US News & World Report annual "Americas Best Colleges" issue. We have also been highly ranked by Forbes and named one of New York's "Colleges of Distinction." We offer Flexible scheduling, small classes, and personal academic counseling.
Stony Brook University
College of Business
Through MBA and MS Programs, The Stony Brook University College of Business strives to create leaders who have the knowledge, integrity, and originality to drive enterprise in the 21st century. Our 48 credit MBA program (36 for students with an undergraduate degree in business) entails industry projects, internships, and a true dedication to student teamwork - allowing students to build a portfolio of "real-life" accomplishments that they can take with them as part of their career experience. MBAs are offered in Marketing, Finance and Health Care Management, and Management; the latter offers concentrations in Innovation, Human Resources, and General Management. Also offered is a 60 credit MBA in Accounting, which leads to eligibility to sit for the New York State CPA exam; and an MS in Finance, a 30 credit degree focused specifically on finance, for students interested in careers in banking, hedge funds, corporate finance, and regulation. Classes for all programs, are offered during weekdays, weeknights, Saturdays, and online. Classes are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters, as well as during two 6-week Summer sessions and a 3-week Winter session. Learn more at or email
Suffolk University Suffolk University is a private institution that offers more than 50 graduate programs through the College of Arts & Sciences and the Sawyer Business School. Positioned in the heart of Boston, Suffolk prides itself on its centralized location, steps from the city's thriving financial, healthcare, political, and social districts. With small class sizes and a focus on providing a dynamic and relevant learning experience for all students, Suffolk ensures that you will acquire the practical tools needed to help you succeed and realize your goals, both personally and professionally.
SUNY Brockport Brockport is home to an excellent community of learning. Graduate students enjoy small classes and close collaboration with dedicated professors and have many opportunities for internships, field placements, and grant-funded research. The knowledge and professional skills they hone in more than fifty master's degree programs and certificates enrich their lives and prepare them for higher paying careers.

Graduate courses are offered at the main campus with a variety of courses offered at the MetroCenter in downtown Rochester. Other courses are available online or in a hybrid environment. (Hybrid courses- courses in which there is a significant blend of online instruction and face-to-face student instruction/interaction with faculty.)

MASTER'S DEGREES offered in the following areas:
(MA., MFA., MS., MSEd., MSW., MPA)
Accounting (Forensic); Biology; Communication; Counselor Education; Dance; Education & Human Development; Educational Administration; English; Environmental Science & Biology; Health Science; History; Kinesiology, Sport Studies & Physical Education; Liberal Studies; Mathematics; Psychology; Public Administration; Social Work (Greater Rochester Collaborative MSW Program with Nazareth College); Visual Studies.

ADVANCED GRADUATE CERTIFICATES: Adapted Physical Education; Adolescence Inclusive Education (5-12; Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, Math, Physics or Social Studies); Arts Administration; Bilingual Education Extension; Creative Writing; Gerontology with GRCMSW program only; Nonprofit Management.

CERTIFICATES OF ADVANCED STUDY (POST-MASTER'S): College Counseling Bridge; Mental Health Counseling Bridge; School Counseling Bridge; School Counseling (Online); School Building Leader/School District Leader; School District Business Leader.

MA: Liberal Studies
CAS: School Counseling
SUNY Buffalo Law School Among the strongest public law schools in the nation and a world-class center for interdisciplinary studies, SUNY Buffalo Law School provides students with a strong theoretical foundation and the practical tools they need to succeed in a competitive environment.
SUNY Buffalo State SUNY Buffalo State is the largest comprehensive college in the SUNY system, with 40 graduate programs, 3 certificate of advanced study programs, 6 graduate certificate programs and 10 teacher certification programs. Our unique graduate programs combine theory with advance practice training for today's work place. With notable programs that include adult education, applied economics, art conservation, biology, creative studies, great lakes ecosystem science, higher education and student affairs administration, industrial technology, multidisciplinary studies, museum studies and public and nonprofit management (MPA).
SUNY Cortland Students choose SUNY Cortland for their graduate school experience because of the strong reputation we have for excellence in teacher education, physical education, sport management and other fields.

Cortland prepares you for real-world workplace challenges and for learning inside and outside the classroom with faculty who draw on years of professional experience in the fields they teach.

Whether your goal is to advance your current career or to launch a new one, your Cortland degree will put you on the road to success.
SUNY Geneseo Located in the historic village of Geneseo in the upstate Finger Lakes region, the State University of New York at Geneseo is a premier public liberal arts college with a rich tradition of academic excellence. We are dedicated to developing socially responsible citizens with skills and values for a productive life. SUNY Geneseo offers several graduate programs in the Ella Cline Shear School of Education and the School of Business.
SUNY New Paltz SUNY New Paltz is nestled in the heart of a vibrant, historic village midway between the capital city of Albany and New York City. The Graduate School offers more than fifty exceptional degree programs in business, education, computer science, engineering, fine arts, counseling, music therapy, and the liberal arts for students who have the equivalent of a 4-year baccalaureate degree.
SUNY Oneonta SUNY Oneonta offers several fields of graduate study leading to master of arts degrees, master of science degrees, master of science in education degrees, and certificate of advance study programs. Opportunities are afforded college graduates to undertake non-degree graduate study for a variety of purposes. Classes are offered by the college's academic divisions or departments and through several interdisciplinary and interdepartmental programs. A number of support services including tutoring, a writing center, and a learning center complement the academic programs.
SUNY Oswego SUNY Oswego offers more than 30 graduate programs and advanced certificate programs.
SUNY Plattsburgh SUNY Plattsburgh is one of the original comprehensive arts and science colleges in the state university system, enrolling 5,600 undergraduate and 400 graduate students. We pride ourselves in offering professional preparation with dedicated faculty members, in a uniquely beautiful region between the Adirondack mountains and shores of Lake Champlain. Our main campus is located in Plattsburgh, NY (about one hour south of Montreal), and we have a branch campus in Queensbury, NY with several graduate study options. Our graduate programs include Adolescence Education, Childhood Education, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Educational Leadership, Expeditionary Studies, Literacy, Natural Science, Nursing (Adult Gerontology), School Psychology, Special Education, Speech-Language Pathology, Student Affairs & Higher Education, and Teacher Leadership. Apply by February 15 to be considered for Fall 2016 graduate assistantships and fellowship opportunities. Check our website at for more information on application deadlines and requirements, or email us at!
SUNY Potsdam SUNY Potsdam's graduate programs seek to encourage academic achievement and to provide each student with a sense of personal and social responsibility while providing the best possible preparation for specific professional and vocational goals.

Our NCATE-accredited teacher education programs are approved by the state of New York to lead to Initial or Professional certification.

The Crane School of Music is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music with advanced degrees in composition, performance and education.
Syracuse University
David B. Falk College of Sport & Human Dynamics
Syracuse University's, David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics is committed to improving the health and well-being of individuals of all ages, their families, and their communities through scholarship, practice, civic engagement, advocacy, and entrepreneurial leadership within the framework of principles of social justice. Graduate programs available are: Addiction Studies (MS), Global Health (MS); Child and Family Studies (MA, MS, PhD.); Food Studies (MS); Marriage and Family Therapy (MA); Nutrition Science (MA, MS); Social Work (M.S.W.) and Sport Venue and Event Management (MS). Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) are available in Addiction Studies, Global Health and Trauma-Informed Practice.
Syracuse University
School of Education
School of Education or

Nationally recognized for pioneering partnerships in the Syracuse community, the School of Education currently offers 50 graduate degree programs (M.A., M.S., M.MUS, C.A.S., Ed.D. & Ph.D.) in teaching, administration, instructional design, curriculum development, higher education, cultural foundations, the health professions, and counseling fields. You will learn the most effective traditional approaches, while challenging the wisdom of conventional practices. Opportunities abound for research, clinical practice, and internships-all of which will strengthen your understanding of diverse learning environments and enhance your style and methods.

· Perfect your professional skills in on-campus laboratories and

off-campus teaching centers and classrooms.

· Engage in school reform initiatives, such as Say Yes to Education.
· Cultivate cross-cultural perspectives and competency through one or more of our SU Abroad centers.
Syracuse University
School of Informational Studies
The Syracuse University iSchool is the original information school in the nation and ranked #1 for information systems amongst library and information schools by US News and World Report. Innovative graduate programs are offered online and on campus in information management, telecommunications and network management, library and information science, school media, data science, information security management, cultural heritage preservation, eGovernment management and leadership, and more.
Syracuse University
Whitman School of Management Accounting@Syracuse
Designed for professionals looking to advance within or transition to a career in the field of accounting, Accounting@Syracuse is a master of science in professional accounting delivered online by the Syracuse University Martin J. Whitman School of Management. The program blends live online classes, dynamic multimedia coursework, and highly collaborative social interactions with peers and faculty to deliver a learning experience that is on par with Whitman's renowned on-campus program.
Syracuse University
Newhouse School of
Public Communications
The Newhouse School at Syracuse University is one of the nation's premier communications schools where talented students come to study and learn from top industry professionals. We pride ourselves on the highest caliber education made possible by an incredible, forward-thinking faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. We offer 13 on-campus, professional master's degree programs in public communications, most of which can be completed in one calendar year. They are: Advertising; Arts Journalism; Audio Arts; Broadcast and Digital Journalism; Computational Journalism; Documentary Film and History; Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism; Media and Education; New Media Management; Photography; Public Diplomacy; Public Relations; Television, Radio and Film. We also offer a part-time, online master's degree in Communications with three different tracks: advertising, public relations and journalism innovation.
The College of New Rochelle Over 12,000 men and women have earned degrees from The College of New Rochelle Graduate School and are making an impact in their field. Our former students have gone on to successful careers as teachers and administrators, psychologists and counselors, art therapists and communications specialists. Our Office of Career Development is available for everything from assistance with resume and cover letter writing to job search strategies.
The College of Saint Rose Graduate degrees with a purpose. 52 degrees that will put you in demand.

Propel your career. Enrich yourself. Earn a Saint Rose graduate degree.

Individuals who have earned Saint Rose graduate degrees are forces for positive change. They lead schools, influence public policy, write novels, report the news, build IT systems, conduct groundbreaking research, run corporations, and start their own companies.

How did they get there? By earning a graduate degree at The College of Saint Rose. They received personal attention from faculty with distinguished credentials and keen insights. They enjoyed small class sizes, flexible evening, online and day classes and rigorous fields of study.

It made a difference in them so they could make a difference - and become who they really wanted to be.

We offer master's degrees and advanced certificates in:
-Art/Art Education
-College Student Services Administration
-Computer Information Systems
-Creative Writing
-Educational Psychology
-Educational Leadership
-Higher Education Leadership
-History / Political Science
-Music Education
-School Psychology
-Special Education
-Speech-Language Pathology
-Teacher Education
-Technology Education
The New York Film Academy The New York Film Academy offers One-year programs in Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Producing, Screenwriting, 3D Animation, Cinematography, Broadcast Journalism, Digital Photography and Game Design; as well as two-year Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees in Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Screenwriting, Producing, Cinematography, Documentary, Game Design and Digital Photography, and two-year Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) degrees in Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Producing, Screenwriting and Game Design, and a Master of Arts (MA)in Film and Media Production at our Los Angeles campus.
The Ohio State University Fisher College Business The Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business prepares students from all majors begin a career in business with top-ranked programs, distinguished faculty, and a vast network of partnerships from the surrounding Columbus business community-home to multiple Fortune 1000 companies-as well as multinational, nonprofit, and start-up companies from across the globe.

The Fisher College of Business offers three graduate business programs designed specifically for students directly out of their undergrad:
- Master in Human Resource Management
- Master of Accounting
- Specialized Master in Business-Finance

All majors are welcome for consideration for these programs. An informational session will also be held in Room 143 of the Marano Campus Center at 2:00 PM following the fair. Stop by to learn more or email Rebecca Zurek directly at
The Sage Colleges The 2,900 students at The Sage Colleges pursue bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees on campuses in Troy and Albany, NY, as well as online. Students participate in a learning environment that offers varied interdisciplinary academics, opportunities for community engagement, options to study abroad, and a range of artistic and athletic endeavors. Programs are available at the coeducational Sage College of Albany in New York's capital city; the historic Russell Sage College for women in downtown Troy; the graduate-level Esteves School of Education, School of Health Sciences, and School of Management, which operate on both campuses; and online through Russell Sage Online.
Touro Law Center Touro Law Center, accredited by the ABA, is located in Central Islip on Long Island, one hour from New York City. Touro offers, full-time and part-time for the Juris Doctor (JD), JD/MBA, JD/ MPA in Health Care, JD/MSW and LL.M. degrees.
Union Graduate College Union Graduate College is a graduate-level institution, dedicated to providing exceptional education that provides the skills and knowledge today's employers want. The college offers programs in management, healthcare management, education, engineering and bioethics.

In January 2016, Union Graduate College will become part of Clarkson University, creating the Clarkson University Capital Region Campus. By joining together, students will have expanded course offerings, enhanced career services and a combined network of alumni more than 40,000 strong. A flexible schedule of online or on-site evening classes will continue to accommodate both full-time students and working professionals in the Capital Region.

The graduate programs at both Union Graduate College and Clarkson University share a commitment to real world experience, coupled with highly personalized mentoring. As one of our alumni recently put it, "the professors know your name, what you want to do and will do everything they can to help you get there."
University at Albany
School of Education
The University at Albany's School of Education is home to over 45 different master's, certificate and doctoral degrees that are models of quality and innovation. The School offers three fully online degrees, as well as graduate programs in the areas of: Childhood Education, Special Education, Literacy, ESL, Secondary Education (English, Math, Social Studies, Physics, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish, and French), School Psychology, School Building and School District Leadership, Educational Administration, Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology, Mental Health Counseling, Counseling Psychology, and Educational Psychology.
University at Albany Rockefeller College Rockefeller College's mission is to prepare students so that they can contribute to public service in a myriad of ways-as citizens, as professionals and as future educators. We do this through a series of undergraduate and graduate degree programs and our graduates work in the public, private and non-profit sectors both in the United States and abroad.

We offer degrees in Public Administration, Political Science, and International Affairs.
University at Buffalo
School of Social Work
The UB School of Social Work offers a world class, affordable education. We integrate trauma-informed and human rights (TI-HR) perspectives into all aspects of our program, preparing graduates to be successful social workers in the 21st century. Degrees offered include MSW, online MSW, MSW/PhD, and PhD. Dual degrees are offered in collaboration with the schools of law, management, and public health.
University at Buffalo Graduate School
of Education
Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology (CSEP), Educational Leadership and Policy (ELP), Learning and Instruction (LAI), and Library and Information Studies (LIS).
University at Buffalo School of Management The School of Management's reputation literally spans the globe, thanks to our academic excellence and affordability. Learn how our key attributes-real-world learning, community and economic impact, and the global nature of our programs-give you a competitive edge, positioning you for success in the world of business.
University of New Hampshire
School of Law
The University of New Hampshire School of Law, an intimate, innovative law school, is committed to developing students who enjoy challenging dialogue from the first moments of orientation, embrace practice-based learning, grow through the collegiality of a 12:1 student/faculty ratio, and stand ready to join the ranks of alumni who are global leaders in intellectual property, general practice, public policy, and commerce and technology.
University of Rochester
Warner School of Education
The Warner School of Education is a graduate school within the University of Rochester that offers a number of scholarship opportunities for students who wish to further their studies in education. The Warner School is a place for people who want and expect a rigorous, thoughtful, and experience-based professional education with one-on-one faculty attention, supported research opportunities, and remarkable opportunities to grow as a student and professional. Warner offers master's and doctoral degree programs in educational policy, teaching and curriculum, online teaching, counseling, human development, higher education, K-12 school leadership, and health professions education. For more information, visit
Western New England University
School of Law
Western New England University School of Law is the only ABA accredited law school in Massachusetts outside greater Boston. Our mission is to provide student centered professional education. Our program includes a wide array of opportunities for you to think, act, and write like a lawyer, including clinics, externships, competition teams, and simulation courses. To accommodate our students' needs, Western New England University School of Law offers six programs leading to the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree: a full-time, two part-time, and four combined degree programs.
Widener University Commonwealth Law School For over 25 years, Widener University Commonwealth Law School, known until recently as the Harrisburg Campus of Widener University School of Law, has established a remarkable story of progress as the only law school in Pennsylvania's state capital. We offer a practice-ready curriculum with flexible scheduling options, including full- and part-time study in the day or evening, to fit almost any student's schedule. With small class sizes and concentration programs unmatched in career-nurturing initiatives, all led by a nationally and international recognized faculty who count teaching as their top priority, Widener Law Commonwealth students receive a rich and rewarding legal education.