Career Services

Resume Contest

I.  The Contest:
You've worked hard on your resume!  Now is the time to reward yourself for a job well done. Congratulations!
Because you've worked so hard, we'd like to give you the opportunity to share your achievements.  It doesn't matter how experienced or qualified you are, what matters is how you make the most of what you've got.

 We would like the opportunity to use your resume as a model in our resume  sample book or in our resume seminar.  We hope that future students may benefit from your resume-writing experience. 

II.  Criteria:
• Focus - Is the resume organized in a way to show focus or direction?
• Style & creativity - Is it clear, concise and interesting to read?
• Organization and layout - Is the information presented in logical and supportive categories/sections?
• Presentation & Appearance - Is it error-free (i.e. spelling mistakes), inviting to look at, well highlighted and on nice paper?
• Eligibility - you must have developed your resume on campus. (Only one resume per entrant.)
III. Application:
To submit your resume, you must download, complete and email the entry form (pdf 16 kb) to
By signing or emailing us this form you are agreeing to let Career Services use your resume for our sample books and presentations. 
IV. The Winners will receive:
Grand Prize: $100 gift certificate to the College Store
Second Prize - $50 gift certificate to the College Store
Third Prize- $25 gift certificate
Honorable mention - Receive Resume Paper and Matching Envelopes


A panel selected through Career Services will make selection of the winner.  Winner will be announced on Friday, April 30. 

V. To Enter:

- In Person: submit your resume and fill out an entry form at the Compass Resource Center, 142 Campus Center.


- E-mail your resume and entry form (pdf 16 kb) (available on the Career Services website at: to: By signing/e-mailing the form to us you agree to let Career Service use your resume in our sample books or presentations. The deadline is Friday, April 16th, 2010 before 4pm.

Sponsored by a grant from College Auxiliary Services