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Backpack to Briefcase - What You Need to Know Before You Go!

Attend a free Career Conference on March 5th designed with your success in mind and
win some incredible prizes!

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This evening will have corporate recruiters, local experts and alumni running workshops on topics including:

·      The Job Search Process

·      Interviewing Skills

·      Financial Surviving and Thriving After You Graduate

·      Gap Year Options - What to do if you Don't Want the Job Market OR Graduate School

The workshops will take place over two 45 minute sessions, so you get to choose which topics you want to attend.  You will have the opportunity to win some GREAT prizes 


Conference Introduction: 6:00 pm:  

Campus Center Auditorium


Keynote Speaker: Kevin Sutherland '05
Budget Coordinator, Thompkins County

Session I: 6:40-7:25 pm
The Job Search Process - What You Need to Know to Succeed
Corporate Recruiters, Target Corporation
The transition from here to there can be challenging. Learn how to conduct yourself professionally throughout the job search process. Topics will include job search documents, managing your online profile appropriately, critical follow up, etiquette dining, and interview dress. In addition, you will be able to ask all the questions you have wanted to know about the recruiter and the job search process!

Interview Warrior: How to Crush the Competition
Renee Marchak, Class of 1994; Personnel Coordinator for Maxim Healthcare Services in Syracuse, NY
Interviewing is the final-and most stressful -aspect of the entire job search process. It is also a skill you can learn! Join corporate recruiters as they discuss what recruiters look for, how to prepare for an interview, what questions you'll likely be asked, how to respond to difficult or illegal questions, and appropriate follow up.

Session II: 7:30-8:15 pm

A Car, Some Cash, and a Place to Crash
Tim Barnhart, Class of 2002:  Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual Syracuse
We'll cover the topics that you need to hear about in order to financially survive out there. Rent or Own? Lease or Buy? Managing student loan debt, understanding budgeting, health insurance, taxes and why you should worry about retirement now... are just a few of the areas we'll cover.

Jobs Your Mother Never Thought You'd Have
Alyssa Amyotte, Coordinator, Service Learning & Community Service, SUNY Oswego
So, you've decided that the corporate world is not for you, and you can't imagine spending the time and money on graduate school right now. What can you do for a year or two that will score high on the cool-o-meter? Sure, there is the Peace Corps, but what else? We'll discuss a world of options that can take you literally to the ends of the earth and across all career fields.