Skills Assessment

Connect Who You Are to What You Want

Clearly understanding the connection between your past/current skills and experiences and what your future employer will require is of utmost importance to your success.
Knowing your strengths is one thing. Knowing exactly how your strengths fit into what your future employer will demand of you is another level of understanding. Being able to articulate this in meaningful ways is the ultimate goal. You can't control the job market, but you can certainly ensure the market clearly understands the best you have to offer.

Future teachers must demonstrate strengths and competencies in a wide variety of areas.  Some are common, like classroom management and effective approach to discipline. Others are certification or industry specific.  For example, proficiency with lab equipment or extensive cultural competency. Optimal Resume is an outstanding online resource to build your assessment matrix - the beginning of truly understanding how everything you have done makes you a better teacher candidate. We have pre-built a sample skills assessment matrix for education majors into this system to help you get started.  You'll want to "tweak" it to fit your specific situation.

Step 1.
Identify the skills, abilities, competencies, and personal characteristics that will be required of you. You determine the skills and abilities you need to demonstrate and build it into the grid.
Step 2.
Match who you are and what you have done to this metric.
In this way, you can clearly connect your education-related and life experiences to the exact skills and experiences your future administrator will need. Summer jobs, volunteer experiences, and special interests can ALL be valuable if you identify and articulate common skills between these positions and what your future demands.

An example of this grid within Optimal Resume: