Resumes & Cover Letters

Your First Impression

OUR GOAL: Ensure you have the best possible job search documents to support your job search.
Chances are excellent that you have developed a resume, which is great, because that is one of the core documents that you will need to apply for positions. The Career Services staff can help you start one from scratch or put the final polish on the one you have. Once you have the resume perfected, the cover letter is next!

A few points to keep in mind:

1.  Optimal Resume is THE best online tool for creating resumes & cover letters. Start from scratch, utilize an education template, view lists of action words, explore sample bullet statements based on certification area or career field, and more! Available 24/7, it is an ideal strategy if you are student teaching!  We have pre-loaded multiple sample education resumes to get you started and/or give you some good ideas.
2.  Once you have a good draft, submit it to us (online, via email, through Optimal Resume, or come in to the COMPASS) so we can provide personalized feedback.
3.  We provide free printing of your job search documents.