Career Services for Educators

Your Career Services office is dedicated to your professional success! You will need to demonstrate your value to your future employer. That means a serious evaluation of your skills and experiences, development of job search documents and presentation skills that will articulate what you have to offer, and familiarization with the job market and how to access opportunities. We have very specific goals in mind when it comes to your job search - and a variety of tools and resources to help find and compete for the right opportunity.  The links below will help guide you through the major services we offer.

OUR GOAL: Ensure you clearly understand the connection between your past/current skills and experiences, and what your future employer will require.
Knowing your strengths is one thing. Knowing exactly how your strengths fit into what your future employer will demand of you is another level of understanding. Being able to articulate this in meaningful ways is the ultimate goal. You can't control the job market, but you can certainly ensure the market clearly understands the best you have to offer.

OUR GOAL: Ensure you have the best possible job search documents to support your job search.
Chances are excellent that you have developed a resume, which is great, because that is one of the core documents that you will need to apply for positions. Next comes the cover letter!  The Career Services staff can help you start these documents from scratch or put the final polish on the ones you have.

OUR GOAL: Provide you the ability to professionally manage your critical letters of recommendation.
A big part of the education job search is providing school districts with a set of reference letters - testimonials from people who can speak positively in support of your candidacy. Making it easy for reference writers to submit their letters, and for you to send your letters to school districts and other organizations, is an important aspect of your job search.

OUR GOAL: Ensure you know where to look for vacancies in your professional field.
At any given time, there are literally tens of thousands of jobs across the country that are related to working with youth, education, or similar fields. Finding those jobs is not rocket science, but the internet is big place - don't waste time looking through unproductive sites.

OUR GOAL: Help you identify districts that best match your professional and geographic preferences.
There are almost 14,000 school districts in the United States, and nearly 700 in New York State alone. Finding the right district is more than simply finding those with a job. There are many factors to consider as you search for the right "fit." Urban vs. rural, school size, student demographics, multicultural environment, salary and benefits, costs of housing and relocation-these are just a few of the things to keep in mind as you explore opportunities.

OUR GOAL: Help you develop and hone your interviewing skills so you are able to effectively articulate your strengths and experiences.
You have done everything right if you have been called for an interview! Often, the interview can be the most stressful aspect of the job search - it is the part of this process that forces you to operate without a safety net. Fortunately, interviewing is a skill that can be developed and you CAN excel!

OUR GOAL: Provide you with critical information about various aspects of the job search from the district perspective.
We coordinate our annual Teacher Recruitment Days event each Spring and always survey the attending district personnel to gather important information about your job search.

OUR GOAL: Provide you with information about teacher job fairs and how to best utilize them.
Job fairs are a great way to meet with more than one district in a short amount of time. Our annual job fair in Cortland each Spring is a great example of this. SUNY Oswego candidates generally have interviews with multiple districts over two days. You have access to other job fairs in NYS and across the country, and it is a fantastic way to find a position, particularly if you are seeking employment outside of the local area.

OUR GOAL: Provide you with a free copy of this important job search guide for educators.
This is a fantastic publication developed annually by the American Association for Employment in Education (AAEE), and Career Services is pleased to offer it to you for free (a $15 value)!  This guide covers many topics critical to your job search success - put this publication on your reading list!

OUR GOAL: Help you understand the importance of developing a strategic portfolio.
The true value of developing a portfolio is a deeper understanding of your value and a higher level of preparation for the interview process. We can help you bring it together and demonstrate your value to your next supervisor!

OUR GOAL: Help you understand the certification subjects and geographic locations in terms of teacher supply and demand.
As we continue to experience a soft economic climate and job market, it is important to carefully consider your certification area and geographic preferences.  This is just one important factor (of many) to consider as you make career decisions.

OUR GOAL: Help teacher candidates identify their transferable skills and present a variety of career options beyond the classroom.
If you want to explore other options and branch out into other areas, you will be able to apply your broad range of skills and experiences acquired from your teacher preparation program to other career fields.   The skills you have developed in your program are highly valued in many other areas.