Slot 7 Sunday 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Event Name First Last Type System
Tanto Cuore! Dylan Longbottom Card Game Do you like maids? I know you enjoy maids because let's face it, you're lying if you don't. You could be telling the truth but that just doesn't matter now. Play Tanto, a deck-building game in which one buys maids to work for them, for you are the master. Come and see who the better master is!
Arcon-a-thon: Turbo Fighting Adam Nelson Video Game One of the most exciting and beloved parts of not only the Arcon-A-Thon, but E-gaming as a whole, is fighting games. So it was about time we truly put everyone's fighting skills to the test! This edition is just like the normal Arcon-A-Thon except composed entirely of fighting games. Don’t worry; there will be plenty of curveballs.
Destroy the World in 8 Days Mark Smith Tabletop RPG Light Weight RPG You all want to make it into the mad scientist league, but there is only one seat. The qualifier to enter: destroy the world first and most creatively. Will you be the world’s next officially recognized mad scientist?
Are You Ready for a Ghost Hunt? Rachel Andrews Tabletop RPG World of Darkness Everyone knows the famous hunters, the ones that get all the attention because of the large messes they make. Then there's you, and your… well… I'm not sure if you're a team, but you certainly have a problem that you need to solve. There are ghosts (that's right, more than one) causing trouble around town and you'd better stop them before people begin to die. That might even include you, if you're not careful.
Pokemon Friend Safari Aaron Golish Video Game Pokemon X & Y Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Aaron! People call me the Pokémon Professor! Come and gather with fellow Pokémon trainers and battle, trade, and exchange friend codes! There will be a tournament with a special prize!
Texas Hold 'Em Michael Virgo Board Game/Card Game Poker An annual tradition at ARCON. A great way to finish off the weekend and let your brain decompress. Standard Style Texas Hold 'Em Tournament. No entry fee! Prizes will be awarded! Escalating bids. Wild, crazy betting, and enough bluffing to stuff a horse. Are you willing to go all-in on the action?
Everyone is John: Night at the Blackjack Table Michael Hegarty Tabletop RPG Everyone is John "Everyone is John is a humorous, competitive roleplaying game about playing the various personalities of John, an insane man from Minneapolis. One participant is the GM, or, in Everyone is John lingo, "Everyone Else." All of the other players are Voices in John's head."

-The "rule book" for Everyone is John

Most nights the voices in John's head can't get along for any longer than a few minutes, but every year for one night the voices come together for a game of blackjack. The traditional rules of who controls John go out the window, instead replaced by a game of chance. Come and play as one of these voices as they compete against each other in an all-night game of blackjack that'll determine John's future, and maybe even the future of the entire world. But probably just John's... He's not a very important man.
Anime Whats Next Mark Hawes Other/Special Event Do you think you know anime? This is a fun game in which a clip of anime will be shown followed by three options about what happens next. Anime Tropes, Fun, and Prizes.
Marvel / DC Deck Building Game Benjamin Uticone Board Game/Card Game Choose heroes from your favorite comic books and do battle in this deck building game from the makers of Dominion. Easy to learn but rich in strategy this game is great for beginners and experts alike ages 12 and up.