Slot 6 Sunday 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Event Name First Last Type System
STG Bingo Kari Cramer Other/Special Event Bingo Come on down to play the amazingly addictive game of bingo and win some prizes!
Weird Wars Endor Michael Sprague Tabletop RPG Savage Worlds Your squad has been assigned to the Forest Moon of Endor. Your mission, to "protect" the construction crew and technicians as they build a huge shield generator... though you have no idea why anyone would want build anything that big on a backwater place like this. Away from the real action, with nothing to do but patrol and deal with the native wildlife, can it get any worse? Yes! Yes, it can!
DIgimon: bonds beyond Dimensions Neil Ganti Tabletop RPG The Digidestined: the champions who have saved the Digital world. The world, the rationale; it hadn't mattered. What did matter was that the worlds were safe. But when a terrifying evil goes across dimensions, causing mass mayhem, one Digidestined cannot stand alone. But many from multiple worlds might stand a chance. Can these individuals prevail against the threat or will reality crumble?
Monsters Menace America Dylan Longworth Board Game/Card Game Players take on the role of Imperial Storm Troopers in this Savage Worlds mash up of "Weird Wars" and "Star Wars."
ARCON plays Oregon Trail Oliver Hong Video Game Mob Rule Gaming From the creator of Race Down the Oregon Trail, comes a version of Oregon Trail inspired by the mob rule shenanigans of Twitch Plays Pokémon. Players will fight with the power of the ballot for anarchy, democracy, and control of the fate of one poor wagon party going to Oregon.