Slot 3 Saturday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Event Name First Last Type System
Killer Klowns from Outer Space Neil Ganti Tabletop RPG Final Girl The Killer Klowns are back! Only one person shall prevail against the comedic terrors? Who will it be? Find out in the Final Girl system.
13th Annual Battletech Bob DeLong Miniatures Classic Battletech Come one, come all, to the finest displays of battletechnology and MechWarrior skill in the Solaris VII arena! Two-‘Mech teams representing each major House and faction of the Inner Sphere meet to show who has the best tools and talent! Will someone's head get blown off by a heavy Gauss cannon? Will someone get crushed by a DFA? Only one way to find out!
Pokémon Tournament Mark Motyka Video Game Pokemon Battle your favorite Pokémon team in a bracket style tournament. Pokémon prizes!
Still the Final Girl Mark Smith Tabletop RPG Final Girl A bunch of movie monsters decided to finally take revenge. What they don't realize is that the worse the odds, the stronger the final girl. Now they are trapped with her and need to survive.
Battle Munchkin Kari Cramer Board Game/Card Game Munchkin This is no ordinary game of Munchkin! Battle Munchkin has special cards that when drawn will result in another game of Munchkin being shuffled in. The result might be a Bard-Vampire wielding a laser and wearing a string of Christmas lights! Come play the crazy fun that is Battle Munchkin.
Marin County New Age Society Mark Hawes LARP Theatrical LARP A Live Action Roleplaying Game by Jim “JMac” MacDougal. Get yourself a drink, have some munchies, relax and enjoy! We’re all friends here! Once a month for the last four years, noted psychic Dorotea Schreckenghast has been having a few friends over to her secluded beach house, north of San Francisco. The New Age Society is an informal gathering of those with a common interest in “the unexplained.” While most of the conversation involves psychic phenomena, the whole thing is mainly an excuse for a party.
Hearthstone Tournament Lacey O'Connor Video Game Hearthstone Will the powerful archmage Jaina finally take down her enemy, Garrosh? Will Prince Anduin's light squash the warlock Guldan's darkness? These questions can only be answered through epic... card games! Come test your deck against fellow Hearthstoners. If you sign up for this, you MUST bring a laptop to play with! All classes accepted, only one epic card per deck. We will be playing using the round robin system as long as time allows. So come on down, enjoy the tavern music, and crush your foes! Who knows, there might even be prizes.
Wake up and Wargame Kevin Finerghty Board Game/Card Game Some light wargames to get the day started. 1812: The Invasion of Canada, Memoir 44, Cyclades, or some combination of these.
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Don Tyson Tabletop RPG Star Wars: Edge of the Empire A dangerous hyperspace route, an illegal cargo shipment, and a handful of people that want you dead; at least you’re getting paid for it, right? *Suggested having the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire dice set or the die roller app. GM will have limited dice to share
Magic Tournament Oswego Comic Shop Card Game Magic: The Gathering

(Please note: this event begins at noon, but the area is open to magic players for both slots.)

This will be a pre-release event for the new Journey Into Nyx set, sponsored by The Comic Shop. More information will be coming soon. The event will start at noon and run as late as 6 pm. Costs $25. You must register with the Comic Shop beforehand.