Slot 2 Friday 10:00 pm - 2:00 am

Event Name First Last Type System
Go! Go! Movie Time! Aaron Golish Other/Special Event Presented by the STG Anime Committee; five short movies: Magnetic Rose, Stink Bomb, and Cannon fodder from the three part movie Memories (1995), Hotarubi no Mori e (2011), and The Garden of Words (2013).
Morgan Mourns Mansion Avery Yates Tabletop RPG World of Darkness Take on the role of a unique character with various skill and or abilities as you traverse the grounds and the walls of this legendary mansion many stories have been told of this place which leaves many answers unsolved. As you learn about this mysterious mansion you must also learn about those around you are friend or foe. Many secrets remain unanswered and it seems to collect more, will you be added to the mansions collection?
The Great Barbie Acting Adventure Serena Hanlon Tabletop RPG Dramatic Role Playing You are an actor who has received a callback to be the lead actor for a new upcoming show called "High Heeled Devils". You and a handful of other women have been selected as possibilities for the prized lead role. You must now compete for the role through improv, however as the player you must roleplay your actor using barbies. Come and be a part of this role playing fun.
VGCW (Video Game Championship Wrestling) Adam Nelson Video Game Who hasn't wanted to watch all their fan dream fights come to life? Well, this is where it’s going to be settled. It will have tons of fights between all your favorite video game (and even just general geekdom) characters fighting it out in all kinds of wrestling matches. On top of that, you'll have a small pool of chips to use to bet on fights, and at the end of the event, turn your chips into fabulous prizes like games, gift cards, stuff from vendors, and maybe even some really unique mystery prizes.
 Decay in Wonderland Chelsea Chromeck Tabletop RPG World of Darkness Wonderland is in ruins and the curious little girl who once fell down a rabbit hole has come and gone. The Queen has tightened her tyrannical hold over all of Wonderland, sparking revolt, and the Mad Hatter has discarded his tea party frivolities for the promise of eternal life, making both him and any unlucky individuals into automatons to take over a weakened Wonderland. He marches on the Queen, and with Alice gone, nothing can stop him. You are humble citizens of this chaotic land, imprisoned in the midst of war. Will you allow the madness of Wonderland to spread, or will you bring down the Queen and Hatter to restore what little balance Wonderland once had?
ST/GM Jam Session Mark Hawes Other/Special Event Panel / Workshop Meet other Story Tellers (ST) and Game Masters (GM)* and discuss how to run a good RPG. Creating an engaging game for your players is trickier than it seems so come learn from others’ mistakes and share your own.
* DMs need not apply
Arcon Storytime Hour (or four for accuracy) Billy Ernest Other/Special Event Hey there neighbor, why don't you come down and listen to some stories about stuff... like death, madness, sleep, immortality, Oedipus, etc... Seriously, it's story hour at ARCON, and it's filled with cookies, milk, and tales of every assortment! Come listen to myself and other members of the STG as we attempt to entertain you with live readings of our favorite stories. I've got some special reading for you, children. We'll even be having a guest appearance by Samuel L. Jackson! You won't want to miss this! (I'm totally serious on the cookies and milk, by the way. I will definitely have them there.)
Defend Alpha Complex Pete Sterpe Tabletop RPG Paranoia XP Defend Alpha Complex from Commie-Mutant-Traitors!
Justice League DCAU Neil Ganti Tabletop RPG Mutants and Masterminds The Justice league must face an ultimate threat, one that will threaten not just their world, but the whole universe. Can Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Flash and Green Latern stop the threat?
Investigate the Church of Last Hope Angelo Andreula Tabletop RPG 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons The Church of Last Hope has always offered a brief "sanctuary" to the depressed and suicidal of Baldur's Gate. The Flaming Fists (mercenary group turned police force) has paid this church no attention, until one of their veterans goes to use the church's 'services' and returns as a wight. Too busy with their police duties, the Flaming Fists set out a call to all adventurers in the area. Come to Baldur's gate, investigate the Church of Last Hope, and put a stop to any evils that may be going on.
Marvel / DC Deck Building Game Benjamin Uticone Board Game/Card Game Choose heroes from your favorite comic books and do battle in this deck building game from the makers of Dominion. Easy to learn but rich in strategy this game is great for beginners and experts alike ages 12 and up.