Slot 1 Friday 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Event Name First Last Type System
Hosoda Movie Time Jessica Machniak Other/Special Event Movie Screening:
The Girl who Leapt Through Time
Summer Wars
Wolf Children
The 47th Annual Hunger Games Phil Marcus Tabletop RPG Final Girl Welcome, welcome, welcome to the 47th Annual Hunger Games! From across Panem, the tributes have arrived in the Capitol, ready for what is expected to be a fantastic year! What will be the setting of the arena? How many surprises do the Gamemakers have? And most importantly, who will be crowned our champion? Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!
Stefan Feld Boardgame Session Kevin Finerghty Board Game/Card Game Board Game Get warmed up for a weekend of board-gaming with LOTS OF POINTS! We will play Feld designed games: Castles of Burgundy, Bora Bora, Trajan, or some combination of these.
The Great Axworth Catastrophe Tim Ano Tabletop RPG Custom On July 24th, 1924 the town of Kegley was shaken when the zeppelin known as The Great Axworth crashed in a local field during its maiden voyage. What happened has never been confirmed since all traces of what has happened burned in the wreck.
In this warped version of the past, the age of computers came and went. Many horrible things have happened to technology, so society has reverted back to ancient non-electric based technologies. You will play as one of the lucky passengers just boarding the airship. This game is a hilarious tragedy. You and your fellow passengers will be thrown right into the action. Figure out the mystery together and maybe you can rewrite history… or cause it to happen sooner.
Black Crusade Andrew White Tabletop RPG WH40K: Black Crusade Fight for the glory of chaos! Plasma guns, explosions, dark magic and psychopaths all in one game. Maim, kill, burn!
Warehouse 14 Michael Virgo Tabletop RPG World of Darkness Maybe you've watched Warehouse 13, maybe you haven't. It doesn't matter because it's been destroyed and all the agents and caretakers are dead and gone. Luckily the Regents had a backup plan: Warehouse 14. Only thing is, it needs new Artifacts. Lucky for you new agents, there seems to be plenty in upstate New York. Grab your Tesla gun and join the fun.
Mahjong Dylan Longworth Board Game/Card Game Mahjong Welcome to Mahjong, specifically Riichi Mahjong, the Japanese variant. To put into simple terms, Riichi Mahjong is where you try to complete a hand of 14 tiles first to gain points from the other players. Some knowledge would be helpful but not necessary. 'Cheat Sheets' will be provided if people need them, to better understand the points and hands one could make.
Starship Aeon Christopher Raslan Tabletop RPG 4th Ed D&D The greatest heroes in the multiverse team up again to face the might of the Lich King! Face off against the lord of the undead with Simon Belmont, James Bond, Batman, Storm, Princess Zelda, Hawkeye, Buffy, and Pau Zahn. Face legions of the dead, grave perils, and fierce traps as you seek your foe across the worlds.
DPH Games Product Demos Dan Hundycz Board Game/Card Game Board and Card Game Play any one of the following DPH Games.
- Psychological Warfare
- Cache Me If You Can! The Geocaching Board Game
- Zombie Apocalypse Geocaching (Expansion pack to CMIYC!)
- Superhero Geocaching (Expansion pack to CMIYC!)
NES Remastered Matt Spiker Video Game Video Game Are you a retro video game player? Would you rather play an NES than your new PS4? Well look no further as you have some quality time with some of the most retro of all video games. Come join your friends in playing NES Remix on the Wii U, a collection of over a dozen NES games "Remixed" to make them more challenging and fun than ever before. There will also be open gaming of all of the games included in NES Remix for your gaming pleasure. This will all be followed up by a tournament consisting of your favorite Nintendo characters. Which game is it? You'll have to come and find out.