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The SUNY Oswego Philosophy Club is an SA approved group dedicated to the pursuit of reason. Formed in Fall 2010, we are a small group of students from a variety of disciplines. We are always welcome to new minds to probe, regardless of previous philosophical experience.

Our mission is to foster philosophical discussion across a wide range of diciplines and topics.


8 Feburary 2011
Philosophy Club and Students for Global Change are collaborating to present a SUNY Oswego panel on environmental ethics. Likely dates for this event are on Monday April 18th or Tuesday April 19th to coincide with Earth Week.

Meetings & Events

Philosophy Club currently meets each Monday in Campus Center room 223, at 7:30 PM. Meetings typically include a student discussion on designated topics related to philosophy. Topics are generally set at the meeting prior. Additionally, meetings include club bookkeeping and event planning.

4 March 2011
The focus for the first meeting of March will be a discussion of the normative and descriptive domains. The normative is the dimension which deals with "right" and "wrong". Does science have a normative dimension? (This is a descriptive question). Should science have a normative dimension? (This is a normative question).

28 Feb 2011
For the 28th will continue our discussion on the nature of metaphysics from the previous meeting. We will also discuss sight, and the nature of
perception, and we may view a video about a certain blind painter.

21 Feb 2011
The initial topic for 21 Feb will be the idea of metaphysics (think Aristotle), and postmodernism (think Nietzsche). We may also watch a recorded talk by Ken Robinson.


These pages are composed of minutes, notes, and discussions written collaboratively by the group:

Student Writings

Here is a selection of philosophical papers written by our members (all papers are copyright their original authors):

Resources & Links

SUNY Oswego Philosophy Department
Penfield Library Philosophy Research Guide

the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Project Gutenberg:

the Philosophical Lexicon

the Philosophical Gourmet Report


International Darwin Day Foundation


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