RSS News Feeds

Now, thanks to RSS (Really Simple Syndication), you can get SUNY Oswego news and athletics scores delivered right to your desktop or RSS-enabled handheld device.

What is RSS?
RSS is a content delivery medium that you can use to receive content from Web sites, including SUNY Oswego. We are using RSS to syndicate, or distribute, Web content by creating RSS "feeds," to which you can subscribe.

What makes RSS so great?

  1. It's 100% opt-in, meaning you only receive the content you want—no unrequested information from any other source. And you can easily remove a feed when you don't want to receive it anymore.
  2. No e-mail address needed because it is not delivered via e-mail.
  3. Feeds quietly update themselves while you work on other things. It's automatic—you get new content as soon as it is added to the RSS feed.
  4. Content actually gets through. RSS feeds aren't blocked by SPAM filters, because it is a completely different system.
  5. It's safe—no SPAM, no viruses, no worms, no trojans, no dangerous, unwanted content.

How can I access RSS feeds?

  1. You need an RSS reader. RSS feeds are pulled into a software program specifically for reading them, called an "aggregator," sometimes referred to as a "news reader" or simply "reader."
  2. Popular free aggregators include amphetaDesk (PC and Mac) and NetNewsWire Lite (Mac). Google provides an extensive listing of aggregators if you wish to choose your own.

  3. Start adding new RSS feeds. Once you have an aggregator installed, the following general steps are helpful in subscribing to SUNY Oswego news or athletics scores.

    1. Copy the URL (Web address) to the feed you wish to subscribe to (use the feed addresses in the next section, below)
    2. Open your aggregator
    3. Select New Channel, Subscribe, etc.
    4. Paste in the URL (below)
    5. Follow the prompts as directed

What RSS feeds does SUNY Oswego offer?
Try these SUNY Oswego feeds:

RSS Feed   SUNY Oswego News releases

RSS Feed   SUNY Oswego Events

RSS Feed   SUNY Oswego Athletics News releases

RSS Feed   SUNY Oswego Athletics Scores

RSS Feed   SUNY Oswego Athletics Events

There are also alternatives to using an RSS aggregator. Websites such as Google, My Yahoo! and Bloglines allow Web-based access to RSS feeds. Users of Mozilla Thunderbird can access RSS feeds using the "News and Blogs" section of Thunderbird. The Mozilla Firefox and Apple's Safari RSS browsers allow browser-based access to RSS feeds. Firefox users will notice the orange "Live Bookmarks" icon in the lower right corner of their browser, allowing subscription to the SUNY Oswego feeds. Safari users will notice the clickable RSS icon in the location bar.

Where can I find more information about RSS?
Try these links:
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