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Wed Jun 15, 2016
Professor's book mines 'Huck Finn' for history lessons

Slavery, corrupt banks, confidence games—all of those 19th century evils and many more issues of the day glide through “The Historian’s Huck Finn: Reading Mark Twain’s Masterpiece as Social and Economic History” by SUNY Oswego economics professor Ranjit S. Dighe.

Thu Jul 17, 2014
New book traces science advances to ancient Asian culture

In his new book, Dr. Alok Kumar, a professor of physics at SUNY Oswego, describes and documents the development of scientific and mathematical concepts in South Asia centuries—and in some cases millennia—before they were rediscovered or adopted in Europe.

Thu Apr 10, 2014
Oswego professor co-authors book advocating environmental 'thrivability'

SUNY Oswego sociology chair Tim Delaney and co-author Tim Madigan of St. John Fisher College’s philosophy department take on some of today’s most difficult socio-philosophical issues—overpopulation, biodiversity and climate change—in a new book titled “Beyond Sustainability: A Thriving Environment.”

Thu Jun 21, 2012
New book explores cougars' return to Midwest habitats

Dr. John Laundre, an adjunct member of SUNY Oswego’s biological sciences faculty, documents the return of cougars to the Midwest in a new book that looks at their past and sees potential for an Eastern return for these large predators.

Wed Oct 12, 2011
Philosopher's book explores nature of scientific advances

Dr. K. Brad Wray, an associate professor of philosophy, has written a new book exploring one of the 20th century’s most influential and revolutionary science philosophers.

Wed Jan 19, 2011
Professor's new book examines portrayal of presidents on stage

Dr. Bruce Altschuler exhaustively researched 100 performances of about 50 plays—from obscure to wildly successful—for a recently published book devoted to depictions of U.S. presidents in the theatre.

Wed Mar 31, 2010
Classic textbook on evolution has Oswego author for 7th edition

PeterIn a tribute to a professional mentor, Dr. Peter A. Rosenbaum, a professor of biological sciences at SUNY Oswego, revised and updated the seventh edition of “Volpe’s Understanding Evolution,” recently issued by McGraw Hill.

Wed Mar 04, 2009
Book examines how sports reflect, amplify societal trends

Tim DelaneyIn his new book “The Sociology of Sports: An Introduction,” SUNY Oswego’s Tim Delaney looks at athletics’ large impact on society, from local youth sports to the Olympics.

Wed Mar 04, 2009
Professor's book breaks new ground in experimental archeology

Stephen SaraydarAfter unearthing a need for a textbook on experimental archeology, SUNY Oswego’s Dr. Stephen Saraydar decided to dig in and write one himself.

Wed Feb 18, 2009
Professor pens first book on Supreme Court Justice Kennedy

Helen Knowles with bookHelen Knowles of SUNY Oswego’s political science faculty has penned the first full-length book on Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, whom she terms a complex and controversial figure who defies traditional categorization.

Wed Feb 18, 2009
First time abroad fuels intellectual growth, book finds

Joshua McKeown with bookJoshua McKeown, SUNY Oswego’s director of international education and programs, said his new book includes landmark data on how studying abroad can mean the world to a student’s intellectual growth.

Wed Nov 26, 2008
Professor's book adds context to European politics

Walter OpelloA frustration with textbooks on European politics failing to show the big picture led SUNY Oswego’s Dr. Walter Opello to co-write a new book for his courses.

Wed Nov 12, 2008
Professor pens how-to for women in educational leadership

Suzanne GilmourDr. Suzanne Gilmour of SUNY Oswego’s educational administration department hopes a new book she co-authored, “Succeeding as a Female Superintendent: How to Get There and Stay There,” helps shatter a glass ceiling at the top of the educational hierarchy.

Wed Sep 17, 2008
Professor's book asks: Have we no shame?

Tim DelaneyTim Delaney of SUNY Oswego’s sociology department asks whether shamelessness is running amok in society, and the reasons why, in his new book “Shameful Behaviors.”

Wed Apr 02, 2008
Professor's book to draw lessons from 'Simpsons'

Tim DelaneyDr. Tim Delaney uses the world’s most popular animated dysfunctional family to illustrate lessons on sociology, philosophy, psychology and pop culture in his new book “Simpsonology: There’s a Little Bit of Springfield in All of Us.”

Wed Feb 20, 2008
Professor examines 200 years of local medical history

Gwen KayIn writing a book compiling 200 years of local medical history, Dr. Gwen Kay of SUNY Oswego’s history department was able to dissect how doctors dealt with changes in their practice and the surrounding world.

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