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Thu Apr 10, 2014
Oswego researcher wins NSF grant to probe mass-extinction puzzle

SUNY Oswego earth sciences faculty member and paleontologist Diana Boyer has received a three-year, $52,000 National Science Foundation grant to advance understanding of a mass extinction whose evidence lies in ancient layers of black shale in Western New York and Eastern Ohio.

Fri Apr 05, 2013
Quest to air findings on Fallbrook dam removal's impacts

A SUNY Oswego geology student will give his research team’s presentation April 17 at Quest on the Fallbrook Recreation Center dam removal project and its effect on groundwater and fish.

Thu Sep 16, 2010
Professor, students study carbon-rich rocks for clues to mass extinction

The burrows of ancient, squishy animals, preserved in what now is black shale in Upstate New York, may tell SUNY Oswego paleontologist Diana Boyer and some of her students part of a story of marine life extinction more than 300 million years ago.

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