Students construct 100 toy trucks for local kids

making laddersAbout 35 SUNY Oswego students recently spent their Saturday creating toys to brighten the holidays for local families.

All technology majors and members of the Oswego Technology Education Association, the students were making 100 wooden toy fire trucks that rolled and sported ladders that could be raised and lowered. The trucks will be distributed to local families through SUNY Oswego’s 19th annual Toy Drive.

The OTEA faculty advisers, Thomas Kubicki and Dan Tryon, said this is the fifth year students have made toys for the cause, starting with 35 the first year and up to 100 for this season.

“We’ve done something different every year,” Kubicki explained of annual projects that have included boats, racecars and a fish pull toy. “We also try to tie it to our community.”

Raby’s Ace Home Center donated all of the wood materials. The toys consist of a main body, stained red; six rolling wheels, stained dark grey; and the moving ladder, stained light grey. All the stains used are non-toxic, Kubicki said. The toys are intended for children ages 4 to 7, boys or girls.

The future teachers filled a workshop in Park Hall on Saturday, Nov. 18, working at different stations in mass production. Over the course of the day, the students cut, sanded, stained and assembled various parts. Full assembly would take place another day after the stain dried.

“These kids are working four hours today, maybe more,” Kubicki noted. “You don’t see anyone standing around.”

At one table, junior technology majors Michelle Garrisi and Cara Mosley assembled the movable ladders that will grace the tops of the toy trucks. They agreed that taking the time to help was worth it.

“It’s just one Saturday for us, but a kid is going to play with one of these toys for years,” Garrisi said.

“I know that there are some families who don’t have enough money for presents,” Mosley added. “It’s great just knowing that each toy will really make a child’s day. I think that a handmade gift will mean a lot.”

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PHOTO CAPTION: Toy makers—Junior technology majors Cara Mosley (left) and Michelle Garrisi put together movable ladders for some of the 100 toy fire trucks assembled by 35 SUNY Oswego students Saturday, Nov. 18. The fire trucks made by the members of the Oswego Technology Education Association will be distributed to needy local families through SUNY Oswego’s 19th annual Toy Drive.

(Posted: Nov 20, 2006)