Student media moved into new Campus Center homes

WNYO studiosSUNY Oswego’s student-run television, radio and print media have all officially moved into their new homes in the college’s Campus Center complex.

WTOP 10 TV, WNYO 88.9 FM and the Oswegonian all transitioned into new upgraded offices and studios from their former basement locations in Hewitt Union by April.

WTOP and WNYO were able to get their hands on the new equipment in the spring with WNYO’s first broadcast on April 4 and WTOP launching on April 19. Both WTOP and WNYO opened up with special productions including interviews with members of Oswego’s faculty and staff. The Oswegonian had already moved into its new offices to print the spring semester’s weekly editions.

Student media representatives said that the move is a big positive. “It’s a better location because it’s in the middle of campus, and there is a lot of student traffic going through that building,” said Jaclyn Kahn, 2007-08 general manager of WTOP. “In Hewitt, we were out of the way and not visible to the public. In the new Campus Center people can see us easier and know who we are.”

WTOP and the Oswegonian share an office with WNYO right down the hall. “It’s a good thing for WTOP 10 and the Oswegonian to be close to each other,” Kahn said. “It gives a chance for both parties to learn about other forms of media and have a better understanding of each other.”

The move also meant an upgrade in equipment for the media groups. The Oswegonian received new computers to write stories while WTOP received new digital switchers, a digital graphics system and an expanded routing interface along with new cameras. WNYO received upgrades with new microphones, sound-effects board and mixer box.

The upgrade means that students will get hands-on training with state-of-the-art technology. “It’s a huge advantage for us to work with this equipment,” said new WTOP 10 General Manger Dan Seymore. “It gives our students a chance to work with equipment that is very close to the standard of that in the work world.”

The improvements add to SUNY Oswego’s already outstanding communications programs. The book “Television, Film and Digital Media Programs: 556 Outstanding Programs at Top Colleges and Universities Across the Nation,” produced by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, includes Oswego’s programs in broadcasting and mass communications, public relations, journalism and graphic design.

“The new equipment seems to produce a more crisp sound,” said Ryan Maloney, WNYO sports director. “The new microphones and the thick walls of the new studio make for a much better sound.” 

The move will benefit each outlet separately but many said it will promote the three media organizations working with one another—especially in a time where media and technologies continue to converge.

“It’s a shared media center. By that I mean WNYO will be working with WTOP and the Oswegonian to broadcast hockey and any remote broadcast. We will share equipment and resources to make all stations have a higher quality broadcast,” said Ed Smith, current WNYO general manager. “It makes sense to have us close because we are all broadcasters working together to bring local events to students.”

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PHOTO CAPTION: New studios—SUNY Oswego’s student radio station WNYO recently celebrated its grand opening in new facilities with new equipment in the Campus Center. April saw the college’s three main student media outlets—The Oswegonian newspaper, WTOP-TV and WNYO—up and operating in the new spaces. Shown during the opening broadcast are, seated from left, Ed Smith, senior broadcasting major and WNYO general manager; Ryan Pregent, junior business administration major and WNYO public relations director; and Mike Paestella, SUNY Oswego’s director of student involvement.

(Posted: May 07, 2008)

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