SEFA 2015
SEFA campaign is off and running

The college’s State Employees Federated Appeal kicked off the fall 2015 campaign on Tuesday, setting a $35,000 goal for donations directed to charitable organizations locally, regionally and nationally.

In coordination with the statewide appeal, employees will be asked to pledge contributions to the campaign via payroll deduction or direct donation.

“From start to finish, this campaign is about people,” said college President Deborah F. Stanley.

“At SUNY Oswego, we make our impact through research, community service and economic development for collective prosperity, equity, resilience and success. The State Employees Federated Appeal is an important part of this picture. We are doing important work in an institution we can count on continuing for another century, at least. Our neighbors are not all so fortunate. We are privileged to be in a position to share our blessings.”

Early fundraising events to raise awareness around campus about the fund drive—a Fitness Centers deal and a sale of chrysanthemums—have already primed the campaign with several hundred dollars.

The popular SEFA bakeoffs will begin next week and continue through the semester. The SEFA/United Way Walk-a-thon will be Saturday, Oct. 17. The Baskets of Caring event will be Nov. 18 and 19.

A regularly updated calendar of SEFA-related events and more information is available at

(Posted: Oct 06, 2015)