Tomorrow Unveiled
New strategic plan launched online

SUNY Oswego’s new strategic plan debuted Dec. 3. Titled “Tomorrow,” the document charts a course for the college that builds on the last plan and focuses on the college’s capacity to advance the greater good.

Screen capture of Tomorrow strategic plan website“At Oswego, we have a firm grasp of our purpose and promise and have demonstrated great resilience and optimism,” President Deborah F. Stanley writes in the “opening of the plan. “‘Tomorrow’ will lead to a better understanding of the way SUNY Oswego pursues its mission and values. We will assess our activities and refine our actions accordingly to meet desirable outcomes tied to the public good. And, in doing so, we will have a new story of success to tell.”

The president anticipates scheduling a campus gathering early in the spring semester to begin the college community’s work of implementing the new plan. A print version of the document will be published in January.

Planning team charts college’s future

“Tomorrow” is the result of work over the past two years by the Strategic Planning Advisory Board, a diverse and widely representative team of 41 people appointed by President Stanley. Its members included representatives of all segments of the college community, including six students, and people from the Oswego County community. In addition, the team gathered input from 21 focus groups involving more than 250 additional stakeholders in the college’s future.

The plan is conceived from the perspective of the difference SUNY Oswego has the potential to make in the world and identifies five “impacts, ways the college adds value to the lives of its students and the wider community.

The new strategic plan is being introduced online to the college community in Campus Update, the Lake Effect alumni newsletter and the Parents Newsletter this month, and the alumni magazine Oswego in January.

(Posted: Dec 01, 2014)