Technology Initiatives 2015
CTAB ratifies $75,000 in TIP grants

Oswego’s 2014-15 Technology Initiative Project (TIP) grant awards were ratified at the December meeting of the Campus Technology Advisory Board. Ten requests were selected for some level of funding.

A total of $75,000 was available. The selection committee received requests totaling $173,000.

TIP grants are awarded from annual funding provided by the campus to fund academic initiatives that relate to instruction, student usage, improving student usage and improving student learning through the use of technology. Priority is given to new and innovative or trial initiatives, which can possibly later expand on campus, although equipment replacement and expansion of existing equipment requests are also considered.

The largest award of $34,000 went to a team of faculty from the departments of art, technology, English and creative writing and Penfield Library. The grant provides a one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise for the college. Oswego will be one of the first SUNY schools to implement Adobe Creative Cloud. Campus implementation will be rolled out from now through next summer.

A joint project in psychology and computer science will examine how wearable technology, specifically “smart watches,” can be used in the classroom and in research.

Communication studies department faculty received two grants. One will replace the 8-year-old broadcast journalism script-writing software. The other will provide students with professional sound effects and royalty-free music for their projects. Students in audio, video, cinema and music courses will be able to search, audition and download files from a library of high-quality sound effects and music tracks.

Two projects from faculty in the curriculum and instruction department also were approved for funding. One project allows a virtual coach to remotely observe a teacher’s lesson while offering feedback, heard only by the student candidate through an earpiece. The other grant funds a pilot project developing technology to assist in the teacher development process, including capturing video of students showing the moment of learning and facilitating teleconference interactions with supervising teachers and candidates in the field.

In music, a grant funds a software programming language that will support a student-based Emerging Technologies Ensemble. It will also bridge curriculum among music, communication studies, media, art, graphic design, theater and computer science.

An anthropology project will evaluate the use of iPads in classroom and laboratory settings as well as in field data collection, including interactive learning related to human skeletons, non-human primates, archaeology and ethnographies.

A meteorology project will provide new hardware and computing methods to run the weather research forecast application. Higher computing power is required to perform numerical model simulations of atmospheric weather systems on a finer scale than has existed.

A project in health promotion and wellness will help students create short video and audio broadcasts of the latest news in the department as well as in the field. Stories will be published online through social networks.

More information about each grant is online in the CTS newsletter.

(Posted: Jan 23, 2015)