Dr. Eugene Chermack Tower


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Current Conditions       Date and Time : 2020-02-25 22:29:40 ET    03:29:40 UTC

2m Conditions

Temperature: 36.8℉

Dewpoint Temperature: 34.0℉

Relative Humidity: 89.5%


Temperature: 36.6℉

10m Conditions

Temperature: 36.7℉

Wind Chill Temperature: 36.7℉

Relative Humidity: 80.6%

Meteorlogical Wind

2 minute average

DD: 0°   FF: 2.3 mph

Max. speed over last 10 mins.

DD: 57°   FF: 6.3 mph

DateTime: 20200225 22:29:55

Pressure and Visibility

Surface Pressure: 1004.6 hPa

1-hr Pressure change: Increasing

Visibility: 65616.0 ft


Daily Precipitation: 0.0 in

Monthly Precipitation: 1.59 in

Yearly Precipitation: 3.82 in

Current Weather

Current Weather: Clear

Picture of current weather

About the Chermack Tower

The Chermack Tower

The Chermack Tower is located on the west side of the SUNY Oswego campus.