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Hello and welcome to my website!  As you can see in the picture above and below I am attracted to active weather, both warm and cold season phenomena!  The tornado occurred on 5 June 2009 in Goshen County, Wyoming during the SUNY Oswego Storm Forecasting and Observation Program and Project VORTEX-2 while the 50+ inches of snow fell on Oswego in late January 2004.  I love teaching and showing students how to observe the weather and interpret those observations.  My research interests are focused on understanding the microphysics (particle types in the clouds; e.g., rain vs. snow) and the electrification of lake-effect storms.  I am also interested in understanding why some rotating supercell thunderstorms produce tornadoes while others do not.


It is a dream come true to be a professor and to talk about the weather all day, but my main passion is caring for my family.  I have an awesome wife and two boys who are the light of my life!  To them I dedicate all my accomplishments, which mean nothing without them!

Cheers, Scott

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Oswego Land Breeze 28 January 2005 (may have to rotate pics)

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