Scanning electron microscope offers nanoscale views

Scanning electron microscope offers nanoscale views

When Fehmi Damkaci peers at the computer monitor next to the gleaming electron gun of the college’s new scanning electron microscope, he sees the future — a vital piece of equipment for the sciences and their new home.
As the nanoscale — a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter — images appear in high definition, Damkaci reminisces about having to travel to Syracuse to obtain sample data about atomic structures that were once only theorized … and not being able to touch the machine.

Sciences project heats up

Sciences project heats up

Contractors have drilled the 240th and final geothermal well to help heat and cool the new Science and Engineering Innovation Corridor.

“With that, this completes over 22.7 miles of drilling and [nearly] 46 miles of piping that went into the wells,” said Allen Bradberry, pictured far right, the college’s liaison with construction companies working on the sciences project.

Photo: Science and Engineering Innovation Corridor construction

Science, Engineering and Innovation Corridor construction

Work is ongoing at Oswego’s new Science and Engineering Innovation Corridor. Renovation of the now-vacant Piez Hall and construction of an addition that will more than triple its present 80,000 square feet are scheduled for completion in 2013. In the meantime, science classes, offices and labs have been relocated to Snygg Hall. The multiphase project, whose total costs have been estimated at $118 million, is being bonded through the SUNY Construction Fund. Oswego is constructing the new science facilities to the U.S. Green Building Council’s gold standard for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Grant funds student astrophysics research in Taiwan

Grant funds student astrophysics research in Taiwan

The National Science Foundation has awarded SUNY Oswego faculty member Shashi Kanbur a $138,545 grant to provide students interested in astrophysics opportunities to do research at a Global Laboratory partner in Taiwan.

The grant, titled “Astrophysics International Research Experience for Students in Taiwan: Connections Between East and West,” started this summer. It enables Kanbur and Ching Hung “Jean” Hsiao, adjunct instructor of Chinese, to mentor six students each of the next three years on research trips to the Graduate Institute of Astronomy at National Central University in Jhongli, Taiwan.

Grant Supports Undergraduate Research in Brazil

Banco Santander, SUNY and Brazil representatives

Oswego students Earl Bellinger ’12 and Janet Buckner ’12 eagerly tell how their summer 2010 work at the college’s global laboratories in Brazil studying the stars and surveying wildlife has opened opportunities for them as future scientists.

As they prepared to return this summer, they had a chance to share their stories with representatives of the international partnership that is supporting a Brazilian research experience for them and 13 other SUNY students this year and another 15 next year.

Alumna Shares Photos of Chimps

Kristin Mosher '89 and Bill Wallauer

Chimpanzees are a lot like humans, sharing 98 percent of the same DNA and many personality traits. That fact was in evidence in a special multimedia presentation on campus in February by wife-and-husband photography and video team Kristin Mosher ’89 and Bill Wallauer.

For 15 years, Bill followed the wild chimpanzees in Gombe National Park, Tanzania, capturing the intimate details of their daily lives for the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), which is led by renowned primatologist and conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall.