‘Go be great,’ Levy tells seniors

Steve Levy at Torchlight 2011

As an ESPN anchor, Steve Levy ’87 is used to getting some of the hottest

tickets around — Super Bowls, World Series, you name it. But he showed seniors at the annual Commencement Eve Dinner his “golden ticket” — saved for three decades — a letter dated March 2, 1983, confirming his admission into SUNY Oswego.

Career in Medical Command Brought Care, Laughter to Sailors and Soldiers

Shari Kirshner '76 and Lewis Black

Capt. Shari Holtzclaw Kirshner ’76 was just looking for some help with graduate
school tuition when she joined the military reserves. Some 33 years later, she retired from a career with the U.S. Navy Medical Service Corps.

As commanding officer of the Naval Medical Logistics Command from 2001 to 2005, Shari oversaw distribution of medical supplies to ships, bases and hospitals worldwide.

Brookstein’s Best at Beer

Jesse Brookstein

While most would be fired for imbibing between 9 and 5, Jesse Brookstein ’06 gets paid to sip on his shift. In fact, it’s the first thing he does each morning at Avery Brewing Co. in Boulder, Colo.

And while taste-testing is a part of the morning routine, not every day is filled with “happy hours.”