New Turf Field, Stadium Under Construction

New Turf Field adjacent to Romney Field House

Student-athletes and the college’s Athletics Department are looking forward to all of the opportunities and benefits that a new turf field and stadium will bring starting next summer. In September, the college announced the construction of an NCAA-compliant 225-by-360-foot all-weather synthetic turf field along with a press box, bleachers for 1,000 fans and full stadium

No. 144 – Commencement

Class of 1941 Commencement Ceremony

Over the years, Oswegonians have received their diplomas in Romney Field House, Laker Hall, the Richardson Theatre downtown, and the new Campus Center convocation center. The 1941 class graduated on the steps of Sheldon Hall because the auditorium had been destroyed by fire. The Centennial Class of 1961 graduated in an outdoor ceremony. And no matter how big the graduating classes get — this year’s May Sesquicentennial class numbered 1,400 — one unique feature of Oswego Commencements endures: Each student’s name is read aloud as graduates cross the stage to receive congratulations from their dean and the college president.