$872,523 grant to help younger students stay with STEM

Damkaci and Peng

The National Science Foundation recently awarded SUNY Oswego a five-year, $872,523 grant to boost the retention of freshmen and sophomores in STEM majors.

The grant will enable the college to increase support services — especially in math and chemistry — and research opportunities for all science, technology, engineering and math majors, with a particular eye to helping younger students avoid academic disqualification, switches to non-STEM majors and other departures from science and math disciplines.

Scanning electron microscope offers nanoscale views

Scanning electron microscope offers nanoscale views

When Fehmi Damkaci peers at the computer monitor next to the gleaming electron gun of the college’s new scanning electron microscope, he sees the future — a vital piece of equipment for the sciences and their new home.
As the nanoscale — a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter — images appear in high definition, Damkaci reminisces about having to travel to Syracuse to obtain sample data about atomic structures that were once only theorized … and not being able to touch the machine.