Oswego Matters

Oswego Matters

Oswego Pride filled my fall. As you can see in our cover feature, we dedicated our fabulous new state-of-the-art Richard S. Shineman Center for Science, Engineering and Innovation in October. There was great pride in honoring my long-time friend, Dr. Barbara Palmer Shineman ’65 M ’71 and her late husband, Dick, (along with the Richard

TV Reporter Determined to Run Boston Marathon Again

Jason Holder ’05

When I crossed the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon, the first thing I said audibly and to no one in particular was: “That’s enough of that for a while.” Then, as I do at the conclusion of every marathon, I began thinking about how I would summarize the most important race of the

From the President’s Desk

President Deborah F. Stanley

Our college and the accomplished and diverse members of our SUNY Oswego family build on the past in intriguing ways, even as we move boldly into the future. A case in point is George Wurtz ’78, who has used his degree in what we used to call industrial arts to develop a career in paper manufacturing that places

A Trio of Editors

A Trio of Editors

Three former editors of OSWEGO contribute to this issue. Their aggregate experience is 34 years, starting in 1979, when Denise Owen Harrigan began her 17-year run. Linda Loomis ’90 M ’97 started in 1995, with Michele Reed following in 2001. They are writer-editors who share a love for the written word and deep feelings for the people of SUNY

Oswego Matters

Executive Director Betsy Oberst

Relationships. Connections. These two ideas came to life for me in very meaningful ways starting with Reunion 2013. This was my husband Jerry’s ’77 35th cluster reunion, so many of our long-time Oswego friends returned to campus, and we shared memories and laughter galore, the joys that really only happen with those people with whom

The Last Word: Alice McDermott ’75

Alice McDermott ’75

(This excerpt from Someone, a work of fiction, is set in the aftermath of World War II. In this chapter, author Alice McDermott ’75 writes about a returned airman telling his near-death story and explaining his miraculous reprieve. McDermott’s lyrical novel examines an ordinary woman’s life as it is lived day by day in an

Alumna provides unique Hollywood insight to students

Alumna provides unique Hollywood insight to students

STUDENTS DURING LAST SUMMER’S HOLLYWOOD POV had the opportunity to learn from the experiences of Janice Simcoe ’83, who was happy to share her unique point of view from her exciting role with one of the world’s best-known brands. As the account director for Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group, Simcoe handles marketing and promotion of the entertainment giant’s

The Last Word with John Gray ’85

 The Last Word with John Gray '85

Getting Away With It I stole. It’s hard to believe those two little words follow a man around for 28 years like a shadow but they do. Do the right thing and you forget it in a day, do the wrong thing and you regret it for years. And you can try to justify what

Oswego Matters

Oswego Matters

One of the most common requests we get from alumni is that they want to reconnect with former classmates, teammates, floor mates, fraternity brothers, etc. So, more than 10 years ago in the “PFB” era (aka pre-Facebook!), the Oswego Alumni Association was one of the early leaders in establishing a password-protected online alumni community called

From the Editor’s Pen

From the Editor's Pen

ONE DAY LAST WINTER MY DAUGHTER texted me, “Check out this cool website! Is this where Grandpa worked?” I followed the link to pictures of the abandoned rug mill in Amsterdam, N.Y., where my father ran the boiler for more than a quarter century, and scrolled through photo after photo of the ruins. There were the