In the Founder’s Words

In the Founder's Words

Oswego Founder Edward Austin Sheldon left behind a window into his life — his autobiography. In honor of Oswego’s Sesquicentennial celebration, we excerpt here some snippets of Sheldon’s stories.

Happy 150th, Oswego!

Happy 150th, Oswego!

Oswego’s Sesquicentennial is a yearlong birthday bash.

The college kicked it off with Torchlight and Commencement in May, followed by Reunion Weekend in June. The fall will see a special Founder’s Day campus celebration in October.

Enjoy this mini-scrapbook of your alma mater’s birthday celebrations.

At Home in the Founder’s House

At Home in the Founder's House

Alumni everywhere recognize Shady Shore as one of the most beautiful, historic buildings on campus.

When Oswego founder Edward Austin Sheldon built Shady Shore in 1857, he meant it to be a family home. For President Deborah F. Stanley and her family, it has been just that for the past 13 years.

150 Things We Love About Oswego

150 Things We Love About Oswego

Snowfalls and sunsets, beanies and books (or is it Buck’s?), the Founder and Fallbrook … These are just a few of the things we love about Oswego. To celebrate the college’s Sesquicentennial, we asked you, our readers, to send in the things you remember most fondly about your alma mater. The list includes current faves and long-gone treasures. But one thing remains certain — Our alumni love Oswego!

‘Gorilla’ Marketing: Bocko helps change the way we view the world

‘Gorilla’  Marketing: Bocko helps change the way we view the world

If you are one of the 100 million Americans with smart phones, chances are you are holding the work of a fellow Oswego alumnus.

Peter Bocko ’75, chief technology officer for Corning Glass Technologies, a business within Corning Inc., driving new glass opportunities, has spent his career developing and bringing to market glass used in cutting-edge high-tech devices like these. His latest project is Corning Gorilla Glass, a super-tough, ultra-thin product used in some of the hottest electronic devices on the planet.

Projecting Success: Drive-In Owner is the Reel Deal

Projecting Success: Drive-In Owner is the Reel Deal

Some people work a second job and call it moonlighting. John Nagelschmidt ’66 means it literally.

Since 1961 — summers as a SUNY Oswego student, and on the side throughout a 30-year career as a teacher — Nagelschmidt has been screening stars while working under the stars at the Midway Drive-In. In 1987, he bought the outdoor theatre, halfway between Oswego and Fulton, on Route 48 in Minetto. This year marks his 50th anniversary at Midway.

Changing Minds, Changing Lives

Changing Minds, Changing Lives

Yvonne Spicer ’84, M ’85 loves changing minds.

So when skeptical teachers walk away from her institutes inspired, it inspires her. That’s how she knows her mission to elevate high technology in American classrooms is headed in the right direction.