Faculty Hall of Fame – Betsy Waterman, Ph.D.

Betsy Waterman, Ph.D.

For Betsy Waterman, retirement has been a time to remain in tune with lifelong passions—and discover new ones. “One of the most exciting things I have been doing since I retired is play­ing with a band that performs Celtic music,” said Waterman from her Sandy Creek (N.Y.) home. “Music has been a part of my

Faculty Hall of Fame: Brian Betz, Ph.D.

Faculty Hall of Fame: Brian Betz, Ph.D.

Brian Betz, Ph.D., professor emeritus of communication studies, started his storied career as a clergyman. Born Richard Ferdinand Betz, he took the name Brian when he became a monk. He entered the seminary when he was 14 years old to become a priest, and later a monk, where he started on his path to education,

Faculty Hall of Fame – John Weeks

John Weeks

John Weeks cupped his hands into a nest as he recalled the moment as a young child when he saw four bright blue robin eggs and learned that baby birds were growing inside. At 90, he traced a lifetime of loving, teaching and preserving nature back to that defining moment on his brother’s Albion, N.Y.,

Faculty Hall of Fame – Winter 2015

Hugh Burritt with his wife, Grace

The next time you hear the ceremonial trumpets at Torchlight or Commencement, you can thank Hugh Burritt. Burritt, the former chair of the Music Department, is responsible for bringing music to SUNY Oswego ceremonies. The herald trumpets that play during public ceremonies are the original ones he bought 40 years ago. Initially, the trumpets were

Faculty Hall of Fame: Linda Syrell Tyrrell

Faculty Hall of Fame: Linda Syrell Tyrrell

In 25 years marked by “changes, challenges and celebrations,” Linda Syrell Tyrrell served three divisions at SUNY Oswego. Whether in Student Affairs, Academic Services or Administration, she was constant in her advocacy for students. Arriving in 1969 to a burgeoning campus, Tyrrell spent one year as residence hall director of Lonis-Moreland-Mackin before moving to Seneca,

Faculty Hall of Fame: Lewis Putnam Turco

Lewis Putnam Turco

Nose stuck in a book, wandering in words while his feet trod the streets of Meriden, Conn., Lewis Turco walked deliberately on a path that led to his career as a poet and professor. “I loved to read when I was a kid,” he says. “I felt that I would like to give to others

Faculty Hall of Fame: Emily Oaks

Faculty Hall of Fame: Emily Oaks

Emily Oaks, Ph.D., plunges a well-used shovel into sandy dirt behind her Sterling farmhouse to lift a Monarda Didyma from the earth. She cradles its tangled roots in her hands and slides them, dirt and all, into a bag to be given to a friend. The friend will replant, relish the beauty of the fringed

Faculty Hall of Fame: Luciano Iorizzo

Luciano Iorizzo

In the cozy dining room of his home on the west side of Oswego, Professor Emeritus of History Luciano Iorizzo positions his beloved stand-up bass next 
to a grandfather clock. It’s a favorite of his wife of 60 years, Marilee, and it stands near a print by Professor Emeritus of Art Tom Seawell, “American Album

Faculty Hall of Fame

Faculty Hall of Fame

Professor Emeritus of Education Raymond Bridgers Jr. readily admits that if someone had told him as a high school student that he would become a teacher, he would have laughed. “School was not a particularly happy place for me,” he says. But once he started teaching, Bridgers came to love the classroom. “I literally enjoyed

Faculty Hall of Fame: Dr. John Demidowicz


Dr. John Demidowicz, professor emeritus of Spanish, liked to play a little joke on the first day of class. He would let a golf ball slip out of his pocket and tell the students, in Spanish of course, that he was on the golf course when he remembered he had to teach. “You ruined a great game,” he would say.

Invariably, they would laugh, and that was just what he wanted. “A burst of laughter is like an unexpected quiz, “ he says. “It shows they understand.”