A-Z List of Online Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

The A-Z list below includes encyclopedias and dictionaries selected by Penfield Library for the online reference collection. This list is also available by Subject.

Key general and interdisciplinary resources

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-- A --
Access Science
Online version of the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology.
Africa and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History [3 v.], 2008
American Men and Women of Science, 2003
In depth entries on U.S. scientists. Newer edition available in paper copy: Ref Storage Q141 .A47 2005
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Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History (5v.), 2005
Also available in paper copy: Ref D23.B45 2005
Blackwell Dictionary of Political Science
Also available in paper copy: Ref JA 61 B43 1999
Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Political Thought
Online version is a reprint of 1987 print version. Also available in paper copy: Ref JA 61 B57 1987
Business Plans Handbook
Also available in paper copy: Ref HD62.7 .B865 (older copies in Reference Storage). Additional Business Plans are available from SBA and Palo Alto Software
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Canadian Encyclopedia
Also available in paper copy: Ref F1006 .C36 1999
Child Development, 2002
Companion to Epistemology
Companion to Metaphysics
Also available in paper copy: Ref BD111 .C626 2009
Computer Sciences, (4 v.), 2002
Articles on computer and information science, including historical information and selected biographies
Concise Encyclopedia of Robotics
Contemporary American Religion, (2 v.), 1999
Contemporary Fashion, 2nd edition, 2002
Contemporary Poets, 7th edition, 2001
Countries and Their Cultures, 2001
Crime and punishment in the United States
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Dictionary of American History (10 v.)
Also available in paper copy: Ref E174 .D52 2003
Dictionary of Information Science and Technology
Includes terms and definitions in the fields of information science and technology. Also available in paper copy: Ref T58.5 .D499 2007
Dictionary of Native American Mythology
Also available in paper copy: Ref E98.R3 G46 1992
Digital Libraries: Principles and Practices in a Global Environment, 2005
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Edspeak: Glossary of Education Terms, Phrases, Buzzwords, and Jargon
Encyclopedia Americana SUNY Connect logo NOVEL logo
Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice (3 v.), 2007
Encyclopedia of African American Education, 2009
Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History, 2nd edition, (6v.), 2006
Encyclopedia of Aging, (4 v.), 2002
Also available in paper copy: Ref. HQ 1061 E53 2001
Encyclopedia of American Environmental History [4 v.], 2011
Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy (2 v.), 2002
Also available in paper copy: Ref JX 1407 E53 2002
Encyclopedia of American Indian History [4 v.], 2008
Encyclopedia of Bioethics , 3rd edition, (5 v.), 2004
Also available in paper copy: Ref QH 332 .E52 2004 (3rd. ed., 5 vols)
Encyclopedia of Business and Finance (2 v.), 2001
Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society (5 v.), 2008
Encyclopedia of Business in Today's World (4 v.), 2009
Encyclopedia of Career Development (2 v.), 2006
Encyclopedia of Case Study Research, 2009
Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood in History and Society, (3 v.), 2004
Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents, and the Media (2v.), 2007
Presents state-of-the-art research and ready-to-use facts on the media's interaction with children and adolescents.
Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather [2 v.], 2011
Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion (3 v.), 2005
Also available in paper copy: Ref GT507 .E53 2005
Encyclopedia of Communication and Information (3 v.), 2002
Also available in paper copy: Ref P87.5 .E53 2002
Encyclopedia of Communication Theory
Encyclopedia of Conflict Resolution
Also available in paper copy: Ref. HM 136 B783 1997
Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice, 2nd edition, (4 v.), 2002
Also available in paper copy: Ref HV 6017 .E52 2002, v. 1-4
Encyclopedia of Cross-Cultural School Psychology
Encyclopedia of Death and the Human Experience [2 v.], 2009
Encyclopedia of Disaster Relief
Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol & Addictive Behavior, 2nd edition, (4 v.), 2001
Also available in paper copy: Ref HV5804 .E53 2001
Encyclopedia of Earth
Encyclopedia of Earthquakes and Volcanoes, 3rd edition, 2007
Encyclopedia of Education Law, (2 v.), 2008
Encyclopedia of Education, 2nd edition, (8v.)
Also available in paper copy: Ref LB 15 .E47 2003
Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration (2 v.), 2006
Encyclopedia of Environment and Society
Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy
Encyclopedia of Evolution
Also available in paper copy: Ref QH 360.2 E54 2002
Encyclopedia of Finance, 2006
Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, (3 v.)
Also available in paper copy: Ref GT2850 .E53 2003
Encyclopedia of Gender and Society
Encyclopedia of Gerontology, 2nd edition, (2v.), 2007
Encyclopedia of Global Change, 2001
Also available in paper copy: Ref GE 149 E47 2002
Encyclopedia of Global Warming, 2010
Encyclopedia of Human - Animal Relationships [4 v.], 2007
Encyclopedia of Information Ethics & Security, 2008
Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Violence
Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World, (2 v.)
Also available in paper copy: Ref BP40 .E525 2004
Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture, 2nd edition, (6 v.), 2008
Encyclopedia of Law and Higher Education, 2010
Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement, (3 v.)
Also available in paper copy: Ref HV 7921.E53 2005
Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered History in America, (3 v.), 2004
Encyclopedia of Literature
Merriam-Webster's work, online as part of Gale's Literature Resource Center.
Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics
Encyclopedia of Modern Asia (6 v.), 2002
Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Society [2 v.], 2010
Encyclopedia of Play in Today's Society [2v.], 2009
Encyclopedia of Political Communication
Encyclopedia of Politics: The Left and The Right, [2 v], 2005
Also available in paper copy: Ref JA 61 .E54 2005
Encyclopedia of Prisons and Correctional Facilities, (2 v.)
Also available in paper copy: Ref HV 9471.E693 2005
Encyclopedia of Psychology and Law [2 v.], 2008
Encyclopedia of Race and Crime, [2v.], 2009
Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America, (2 v.), 2004
Encyclopedia of School Psychology
Also available in paper copy: Ref LB 1027.55.E523 2005
Encyclopedia of Small Business, 4th edition, [2 v.], 2011
Encyclopedia of Sociology, 2nd edition, (5 v.), 2000
Encyclopedia of Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment, & Recovery (2v.), 2009
Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora: Origins, Experiences, and Culture [3 v.], 2008
Encyclopedia of the American Constitution, 2nd edition, (6 v.)
Also available in paper copy: Ref KF 4548 E53 2000
Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages
Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa, 2nd edtion, (4 v.), 2004
Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education, (3 v.), 2009
Environmental Encyclopedia, 3rd edition, (2 v.), 2003
ETS Test Collection
A database of descriptive information about over 25,000 tests. Offers useful information about where the tests are published and how to obtain a copy.
Europe, 1450 to 1789: Encyclopedia of the Early Modern World, (6 v.), 2004
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Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear through the Ages, (5 v.), 2004 SUNY Connect logo
Feminism in Literature: A Gale Critical Companion [6 v.], 2005
Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia [4 v.], 2011
Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia NOVEL logo
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Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, (4v.), 2005
Gale Encyclopedia of American Law, 3rd edition, (14 v.), 2011
Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer , [2 v.], 2006
Gale Encyclopedia of E-Commerce, (2 v.), 2002
Articles relating to the Internet and commerce. Presents answers to common questions about website development, financing, advertising, and more. Features 470 essays covering topics and terms, profiles of the top e-commerce companies, biographies of e-commerce innovators, and coverage of events and legislation related to the Internet and to e-commerce.
Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law
Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America, 2nd edition, 2000
Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health, 2nd edition, (5 v.), 2006
Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)
A collection of 100+ reference titles available in full-text electronically. Search the entire collection, or search selected titles using "advanced search."
Glossary of Education Terms, Phrases, Buzzwords, and Jargon - See :Edspeak
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia, 2nd edition, (17 v.), 2003
Also available in paper copy: Ref. QL 3 .G7813 2003
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Historical Dictionary of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
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International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers
International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family , 2nd edition, (4 v.), 2003
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The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism
Provides overviews and introductions to theoretical movements, critics, and theorists. Entries cover literary and cultural theories that may be useful in literary criticism or cinema and screen studies.
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Literary Research Guide, 2008
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Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying, (2 v.), 2003
Macmillan Encyclopedia of Energy, (3 v.), 2001
Magill's Medical Guide
One to three page articles for the general reader. Also available in paper copy: Ref RC 41 .M34
Mental Measurements Yearbook
A database of descriptive information and edited reviews for over 7,000 commercially available testing instruments. Print editions 1-17 (1938-2007) in Reference Storage BF 421 .B96.
Movies in American History: An Encyclopedia [3 v.], 2011
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Native Peoples Law
Listed in the "Legal Guides" section of "Westlaw Campus Research".
New Catholic Encyclopedia, 2nd ed, [15 v.], 2003
New Dictionary of the History of Ideas, (6 v.)
Also available in paper copy: Ref CB 9 .N49 2005
New Encyclopedia of Africa (5 v.)
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Opposing Viewpoints In Context (Gale) NOVEL logo
Access viewpoint articles, topic overviews, statistics, primary documents, links to websites, and full-text magazine and newspaper articles. Great for current issues research.
Oxford African American Studies Center
Over 7500 articles from core African American reference sources; also including primary source documents, images, maps, timelines, and biographies.
Oxford Art Online
Provides access to The Dictionary of Art (paper copy REF N31 .D5 1996 v.1-34), original essays by scholars in the field, image links for drawings, paintings, maps etc. Multi-cultural and multi-national material is included. New material is added on a regular basis. Limited to five users -- please remember to log off.
Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature
Also available in paper copy: Ref PS21 .E537 2004
Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature
Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History
Also available in paper copy: Ref HC16 .O64 2003
Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures
Also available in paper copy: Ref F1218.6 .O95 2001
Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre & Performance
Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History
Oxford English Dictionary
Comprehensive dictionary of the English language, including word origins.
Oxford Music Online
Provides access to The Oxford Dictionary of Music, Grove Music Online and The Oxford Companion to Music. Audio examples require free download of Scorch software. Limited to three users -- please remember to log off.
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Salem Press History
American History reference series organized by the decades.
Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film, [4 v.], 2007
Space Sciences, (4 v.), 2002
St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, (5 v.)
Also available in paper copy: Ref E169.1 .S764 2000
Student Services: a Handbook for the Profession
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Talking Terrorism: a dictionary of the loaded language of political violence
Terrorism: Essential Primary Sources
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Weather Almanac, 11th edition, 2004
West's Encyclopedia of American Law (title changed to Gale Encyclopedia of American Law)
World Education Encyclopedia, 2nd edition, (3 v.)
Also available in paper copy: Ref LB 15 W87 2001
World of Earth Science, (2 v.), 2003
World of Forensic Science, (2 v.), 2005
Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life, 2nd edition [5 .], 2009
Worldmark Encyclopedia of National Economies, (4 v.), 2002

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