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Site Help:

Q: Where can I find the rest of the autobiography?

A: The entire autobiography is available from the Special Collections of Penfield Library for SUNY Oswego. Their office can be contacted by e-mailing or calling 315-312-3537. You can also find more information at their website.

Q: What kinds of copyrights are on the materials included in this digital library?

A: All questions concerning the copyrights included on the work presented in this collection should be addressed to the Special collections at or calling 315-312-3537.

Q: What kind of digitization process was used on the material presented here?

A: The first step to the digitization process was selecting the chapters of Sheldon’s autobiography. Our group attempted to select chapters that were most relevant to the current members of the SUNY Oswego campus. This included personal letters that were included in the chapters and information related to the campus and its history. The digitization process was done using a Hewlett Packard 6200c ScanJet ADF scanner and through Adobe Photoshop.  Two separate scans were taken of each page, a TIFF file was first created followed by a JPEG.

Q: Why was this digital library created?

A: This site was created for a group project for ISC 490 digital libraries class at SUNY Oswego. Professor Choi was the instructor for the class.





The full autobiography is available from the special collections in the Penfield Library of SUNY Oswego.

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