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August 12th, 1815

Editor's Note: Letter from Seneca Indian, Lewis Langford, student at Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, to J. Hyde, August 12, 1815. This Seneca Indian at Dartmouth recounts that he and two other Indians there are fine and happy. His letter at least offers the impression that he and the other two Seneca students who converted to Christianity, are pleased with their situation and with their progress in reading. This youth looks towards a future career as a missionary to his tribe. Accordingly, the thoughts expressed here by Langford may be seen as the opposite of the those expressed by Seneca Prophet and Translator, Red Jacket in his letter to the Reverend Cram, wherein Red Jacket rejects the white man's attempts to convert the Indians.

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Dear Sir,
Having heard of you as a teacher of one of the tribes of my race, I am
constrained, therefore, to write to you. I am here placed in the same
situation with the boys you sent. They are very fine lads and learn to read
very fast. They are now reading in words of two syllables, and can read in
easy lessons of reading. They are well contented, and much pleased with the place. They room, board and sleep with me. I caress them as though
they were my own brothers, continually teaching them good manners
and the principals[sic] of religion. Jacob Jameson learns faster than James
Stephenson on account of knowing the English language.
Sir, I have lived here nearly five years; Reverend Elijah F. Willey
perchance brought me hither from Cathnewaga, Lower Canada. I have
Now advanced as far as [the] Sophomore class. There has been a great
revival in this place, many of the students of this institution, academy,
and the inhavitants were brought from darkness into God’s marvelous
Light. As I humbly trust and hope in Jesus Christ, [I] am one of the
number. Thirty-three persons were taken in last Sabbath in the Congrega-
tional Church. And four were taken in today in the Old Church. God has
made his people willing in the day of his power.
We have great privileges especially in this place. We have [the] bible
and other good books,and preaching on Sabbath days,[and] three con-
ferences in the course of a week. My utmost desire is, that you should teach this
tribe with the utmost care you are able; for I believe the Millennium is fast...…