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May 23rd, 1827

Editor's Note: This letter contains a couple of cross-out words, a wax smear over the date at the top of the page, a tear over the title “Esquire”, several words that are capitalized and several more that may only be guessed. This is one of the last letters contained in the Erastus Granger collection as well as one of its' most-perplexing: The letter is dated almost a full year after Granger's death and appears to have been written by either a relative (a son? Cousin?) or someone with the same last name. Efforts to solve the identity of the writer have so-far proved fruitless. The activities described here take place a good nine years after Erastus Granger resigned his positions at Buffalo Creek. Accordingly, it may be assumed that this letter was addressed to Granger's home in Buffalo (Creek) - and not to his eternal residence at Forest Lawn Cemetary in the Flint Hill section of Buffalo (The cemetary was originally established on a section of Granger's property). The place from which this letter was sent-Aurora-is now a bustling suburb of modern-day Buffalo. Accordingly, this letter is being included here as an oddity - a question mark.

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Aurora, May 23, 1827
Dear Sir,

I am creditably informed this day that [Eustis Bailey] of Mantua was making great [?] upon the timber on land belonging to you, that there was not less than two thousand of Great Chestnut Rails already split out lying on your land at this time, also that some people are cutting and carrying off saw timber, [this] [lot] [lyes?] near a sawmill and will be much [?]-I received my information by Mr [Gregory?] of Mantua, and have written you this information in consequence of that [friendship?] which formerly [existed?] between [us?]

Yours with Esteem……….Julius Granger
Erastus Granger Esquire



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