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March 2nd, 1815

Editor's Note: At the close of the War of 1812, it became clear that the sacrifices made by the Senecas and other Indian tribes should be recoginized and dealt with fairly. This document, steeped in formal, governmental linguistics, has been prepared by the Senate of the United States and requests the President to order Secretary of War James Monroe to compile a complete "report" of all aspects of the "Indian trade" from 1811 through the present year of 1815. This report is dependent on the input of men such as Erastus Granger, Indian Agent for the Seneca Nation. Thus, this document would act as a powerful justification for Granger to list all the sacrifices and deprivations that the Senecas suffered during the late War of 1812, as allies of the United States. Finally, this document requests a report as to whether or not any alterations to the present burearcratic structure as it affects the government, its Indian agents and the Indians are needed. The document is signed by the then Secretary of the United States Senate, Mr. Charles Cutts, who served in this capacity from 1814-1825.

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In Senate of the United States

March 2, 1815

Resolved, That the President of the United States be, and is hereby requested to give

Instructions to the Secretary of War to prepare and lay before the Senate, at the commencement of their next session, a report concerning the annuities and presents granted to, and the trade carried on with, the several Indian tribes within the limits of the United States, during four years antecedent to the fourth of March, 1815; and, in order that such report may exhibit a full view of the whole Indian trade during the term aforesaid, that the President be further requested to direct the superintendent of Indian trade, and every public agent concerned therein, to furnish to the Secretary of War, such accounts and statements as he may call for, to enable him to prepare and make the report aforesaid.

That the said report do contain an annual account of the Indian trade at each of the agencies or trading houses, or wheresoever else the same shall have been carried on, including therein the expenses of buildings, transportation, and all other incidental charges; as also, a statement of losses, whether of goods or effects intended for the Indians, or received from them.

Also, a like annual account of the whole of the Indian trade.
Also, a general account of the Indian trade, exhibiting the profit and loss thereof, during the term aforesaid.

Also, an account of the annuities and presents due, paid, and delivered to the respective Indian tribes during the aforesaid term, specifying the dates when the same were due, and when they were paid and delivered.
That the Secretary do furthermore report to the Senate, his opinion, whether any alteration of the powers and duties of the several officers and agents employed in the superintendence and management of Indian affairs would be advantageous; whether the consolidation of the whole care and management thereof, and the placing of the same in a single department would be expedient; and whether a plan may not be devised, that will be equally advantageous to the Indian tribes, and more economical to the public, whereby the Indian trade may, under safe guards, be hereafter carried on by individuals, or by private companies, instead of the manner in which the same is now conducted.



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