Table Use Reservation Form

  1. Table space is available to all SUNY Oswego registered student organizations and campus departments or SUNY Oswego sponsored events, and must be used for academic support or educational activities only. Library space is not available for fundraising.
  2. Tables must be staffed at ALL times they are reserved and representatives must stay within a one foot radius of the table. The table activities should not interrupt the normal flow of pedestrian traffic.
  3. Reservations will be accepted for no more than two days per event, and tabling events must take place between 9 am and 4 pm, Monday - Friday only. No more than one organization will be scheduled on any day.
  4. Upon arrival for your event, please check-in and show your ID at the Research Help Desk.
  5. We will provide your group one 24" X 60" table and two chairs. The tabling organization staff will be responsible for moving the table and chairs into place at the start of the event and returning them at the end. Table location can be either across from the display cases of faculty work or in the café corridor.
  6. All hanging items must be affixed to your table only. You may not hang items on benches, walls, windows, stairs, entrances, pillars, etc.
  7. The noise level is to be kept to a minimum at table spaces and must be appropriate to a library setting.
  8. The conduct of the person or organization tabling is expected to be polite and non-obtrusive. Aggressive promotion is not appropriate in this setting.

I have read and understand library policies (above) for table space use.

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