Microform copy request form

SUNY Oswego affiliated users may use this form to request an electronic copy (PDF) of an article, ERIC document, or government document from Penfield's microfilm or microfiche collections. Articles requested through this service are normally emailed to the provided email address within 24 hours.

Policies and guidelines:

  • Please provide as complete a citation as possible. Users needing help finding complete citation information should contact a reference librarian for assistance.
  • Library staff will scan a single document up to 50 pages long, or up to 10 documents for a user in a single day totaling 100 pages or less.
  • If you are interested in obtaining a PDF copy of a longer article or document, you are welcome to use the film scanning equipment located adjacent to the Periodicals/Media Desk (phone: 315-312-3560). Assistance is available from the 2nd Floor Service Desk staff.
  • You may wish to view newspaper articles directly on the microform reader for best results. Image resolution may be an issue for newspaper articles, and a full newspaper page is often too large to be scanned without being broken into smaller images. Scanning works best for journal articles or similar documents.
  • The service is available to SUNY Oswego affiliated users only. Non-affiliated community users are welcome to use the microform reader-printers located adjacent to the Periodicals/Media Desk.

Questions, comments or feedback on this service? If so, please email us at media@oswego.edu.

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