Library Display Reservation Form

Penfield Library has display cases available for academic or educational purposes only. One display case is located next to the computer lab; two display cases are under the 1st floor staircase (one on each side). Display cases are available to campus organizations and departments. Displays are accepted at the discretion of Penfield Library.

For gallery exhibits or questions about displays, contact Tina Chan at

Library Display Policies:

  1. All library displays must have an academic or educational purpose.
  2. Reservations are generally for one month, but may be longer if no other reservation is scheduled, or shorter depending on the specific project.
  3. Displays must be from SUNY Oswego faculty, staff, or campus organizations.
  4. A highly visible project description must be included with the display.
  5. Penfield Library will provide stapler, staple remover, tape, scissors, and colored paper.
  6. Noise level for installation and removal of display should be kept to a minimum and must be appropriate to a library setting.
  7. Penfield Library does not assume responsibility for damage or loss sustained.
I have read and understand library policies (above) for library displays.

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Name of display:

Purpose of display:

Faculty sponsor (if applicable):

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You will know your display is on our schedule when you receive an email confirmation from Penfield Library's exhibits coordinator.