Individual User Policies For Copy Cards & Copier Encoded ID Cards

"Single" cards for use ONLY in library copiers may be obtained from the Check-Out & Reserves Desk.  Use of these cards deducts a few cents per copy from the card's value.

All cards are issued with zero value. To add value to your card, simply insert it into the vend station on the library's copiers. Any money (from 5 cents up to 20 dollars) you insert while the card is in the machine will add value to the card. No change will be given.  Any unused monies remain on your card and are NOT refundable.

Cash balances from other campus functions are not valid on library copiers. You must add your own cash value at the copier vend stations, up to a limit of $20. Cards can be reused once their value has been depleted, simply by adding more money at the copier vend stations.

There will be no refunds for unused balances, or for lost or damaged cards. Balances are valid ONLY for copier use.

The cards themselves will display their remaining value when inserted in a vend station.  Press the eject button on the vend station to eject your card when you are through copying.

For questions, contact the Check-Out & Reserves Desk: