Library Services for Students, Faculty & Staff with Disabilities

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Penfield Library supports the academic mission of SUNY Oswego. For people with disabilities, the library will provide services and assistance that facilitate access to the library's resources.



Parking is available in a reserved area in Lot E31, east of the library. For more information about parking for persons with disabilities, go to the Campus Parking Information site or contact the Campus Parking Office at 315-312-3227.

For special arrangements for dropping off near the library's entrances, contact University Police at 315-312-5555.

Automatic Doors:

One set of automatic doors is located at the main entrance to the library on the front side of the building. Another set is located at the entrance to the 24-Hour Room facing Lanigan Hall.


Our elevator is located at the back of the lobby.

Rest Rooms:

Women's rest rooms with wheelchair access are located in the 24-Hour Room and on the second floor. Men's rest rooms with wheelchair access are located in the 24-Hour Room, first-floor lobby, and basement of the library.

Drinking Fountain:

Wheelchair accessible drinking fountains are available on the first floor of the library next to the rest rooms.

Library Catalog:

There are wheelchair accessible library catalog stations located on each floor of the library.

Internet Stations:

All public internet workstations are wheelchair accessible. Two of the lobby stations can be adjusted for height. All stations have 21" screens and one has a trackball mouse. All stations have access to screen reading and screen magnification software.

Retrieving Materials:

Individuals who need help retrieving library materials may request assistance at the Check-Out & Reserves Desk. Immediate help may not be available. Patrons who anticipate needing help with retrieving and reviewing a number of items should bring their own research assistant.

Research Help Desk:

A portion of the Research Help Desk is wheelchair accessible.

Semester or Daily Study Carrels:

Study carrels are available for students and faculty on a daily or semester basis. These spaces can help by reducing environmental distractions. Special arrangements can be made for individuals who use wheelchairs.

Library Services

Library Liaison for Persons with Disabilities:

Chris Hebblethwaite is the library's liaison for persons with disabilities. Individuals requiring information about library services may contact him directly at 315-312-3060 or

Research Help Desk:

A librarian is available at the Research Help Desk during most hours the library is open. People may contact a reference librarian in person, by phone, by email, and through our chat service. See our Ask a Librarian page for details.

Appointment with a Librarian:

Patrons who need extensive help with their research are encouraged to make an appointment with a librarian; see the Xtreme Research portion of our Ask a Librarian page.

Copy Services:

Copy services are available for all library patrons. Copies can be reduced or enlarged, and made in bulk. Requests for these specialized services should be made at the Check-Out & Reserves Desk. For more information, please consult the Photocopy Services page.

Suggestion Box:

Please use the Make a Suggestion form to keep us informed about problems we need to correct or additional services we might provide.

Adaptive Technology

Closed Captioning:

The library's televisions for viewing videos or DVDs have closed captioning. Ask about using closed captioning at the 2nd Floor Service Desk.

Microform Enlargement and Printing:

The library's microform reader scanner has a zoom feature that allows users to enlarge microform images for viewing. Ask about this feature at the 2nd Floor Service Desk.

At your request, the 2nd Floor Service Desk staff will make electronic copies (pdf) from our microform collections. Use the Microform copy request form to submit such a request. Articles requested through this service are normally emailed to the requestor's email address within 24 hours.

Other Campus Services

Disability Services:

The Disability Services Office is located in 155 Marano Campus Center. This office is responsible for providing academic support services to students with disabilities. Personnel in this office can be contacted by calling 315-312-3358.