Librarian Subject Liaisons

Penfield's librarian subject liaisons serve as contacts for faculty and for students taking classes in a particular department or program.

Instruction liaisons are responsible for:

  • Research Assistance
  • Information Literacy Classes

Collection Development liaisons are responsible for:

  • Collection Development requests (Resources for the Collection)
  • Library News (Updates/Policies and Procedures)


Collection Development Liaison
Instruction Liaison
Anthropology Deborah Curry Jim Nichols
Art Tina Chan Tina Chan
Atmospheric and Geological Studies Chris Hebblethwaite Chris Hebblethwaite
Biological Sciences Tina Chan Tina Chan
Business (School of) Kathryn Johns-Masten Ray Morrison
Chemistry Chris Hebblethwaite Chris Hebblethwaite
Communication Studies Deborah Curry Karen Shockey
Computer & Information Science   Emily Mitchell Emily Mitchell
Counseling/Psychological Svcs. Marilyn Ochoa Marilyn Ochoa
Curriculum & Instruction Brandon West Brandon West
Economics Kathryn Johns-Masten Ray Morrison
Educational Administration Brandon West Jim Nichols
Engineering Emily Mitchell Emily Mitchell
English Deborah Curry Jim Nichols
Gender & Women's Studies Deborah Curry Karen Shockey
Health Promotion & Wellness Elizabeth Young Michelle Bishop
History Kathryn Johns-Masten Jim Nichols
Mathematics Deborah Curry Ray Morrison
Modern Languages Michelle Bishop Michelle Bishop
Music Elizabeth Young Karen Shockey
Philosophy Deborah Curry Jim Nichols
Physics Chris Hebblethwaite Chris Hebblethwaite
Political Science Michelle Bishop Michelle Bishop
Psychology Deborah Curry Karen Shockey
Public Justice Deborah Curry Karen Shockey
Sociology Deborah Curry Karen Shockey
Technology Education Brandon West Ray Morrison
Theatre Deborah Curry Karen Shockey
Vocational Teacher Prep. Brandon West Ray Morrison