Book Citations versus Journal Citations


Here are a few tips to help you distinguish between book and journal citations:

  • Book citations will provide publisher information (the place of publication and who published the book ex.: New York: McGraw Hill)
  • If it's a part of a book, like a chapter, you'll still get the publisher information, but you'll get the name of the chapter, followed by the title of the book (The Roman Emperors [name of chapter] in The History of the Holy Roman Empire [title of the book the chapter is in].
  • Journal citations will provide the volume number and many times the issue number, and the pages where an article is located (Journal of Cooking and Eating, 125(4), 1-9). The volume number typically follows the title of the journal. Sometimes, it may even be indicated as "volume" or "vol." or just "v". If an issue number is provided, it appears after the volume, usually in parentheses, although sometimes it is listed as "no.", or "i." or "issue no." or "issue".