Interlibrary Loan Service

This service is available only to faculty, faculty spouse or partner, emeriti faculty, staff, and students of SUNY Oswego.

What can be requested through interlibrary loan (ILL)?

  • Books** (including those listed as 'Lost', 'Missing', or 'Checked Out' in our catalog)
  • Photocopies of journal articles & book chapters (in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law)
  • Media Materials - DVDs, CDs, VHS, Audiocassettes - Patrons may be restricted to 10 active ILL media requests
  • Music Scores
  • Microfilm & microfiche
  • Theses & dissertations

** While we do not ban requesting textbooks, this practice is NOT recommended.

  • Due to cost & high demand they are extremely hard to borrow
  • Delivery period for this type of item frequently exceeds 10-20 days
  • Loan periods for all ILL materials are at the discretion of the owning library and are NOT for the entire semester.  Renewals are often not allowed on textbooks, and textbooks are frequently subject to recall by the owning library.  Failure to return your ILL material(s) in a timely manner results in blockage of service.
  • Textbooks are expensive.  As with all ILL materials, if an item is lost either in transit or while in your posession, or damaged (which, e.g., includes but is not limited to: underlining, highlighting, marginalia, water or other liquid spills, torn or chewed pages or cover...) you are responsible for payment.  The payment amount is set by the owning library via an invoice and is non-negotiable - it is whatever amount they declare.

What cannot be requested through ILL?

  • Materials owned by Penfield that have a circulating capacity within or outside the library (i.e. Reference material, Course Reserve material, IMC material)

How is ILL material delivered & how long does it take?

  • Articles are delivered electronically & generally average 2-3 business (M-F) days.
  • Physical items are shipped to us & generally average 5-7 business (M-F) days.  All physical materials obtained through the Interlibrary Loan Service must be picked up in Penfield Library at the Check-Out & Reserves Desk.
  • Some materials may be restricted to in-library use only by the lending library or at the discretion of the Penfield ILL Librarian.
  • Distance Learners should see the Services for Distance Learners web page regarding requesting physical ILL materials.

What's my cost?

  • Faculty, Emeriti Faculty, Staff, Graduate students and Upper Division Honors Track students are subsidized up to $200 per person per academic year (including summer) or until Penfield's ILL subsidy budget is depleted for the given fiscal year.  Only those requests that are research/work related will be considered for subsidy.  Personal/hobby type requests will not be subsidized.
  • Undergraduate students are offered the choice of paying fees, before the material is ordered, if fees are indicated.
  • Any fines, fees, charges, unusual shipping requirements, or invoice(s) incurred because of late return, loss, or damage to the ILL material are the patron's responsibility & will be charged against your library account.

Due Date

  • The due date is printed on the book band.  Do NOT remove the book band.
  • Material delivered electronically is yours to keep.
  • Electronically delivered material is available from your ILLiad account for a limited time period of 30 days.

Renewal Requests

  • Renewals can be submitted through the ILLiad system if your material:
    • Allows renewals (check the book band)
    • Is not overdue
    • If this is the first renewal your are requesting for this material
  • The lending library may opt not to renew or to renew for a shorter period than requested.  In that case, you will be advised by email and need to return the material as indicated.

Responsibilities - All patrons

  • You are responsible for ensuring the material is not defaced or damaged, to return/renew the material on time, as well as any legal consequences due to violating copyright from personal reproductions.
  • ILL loan materials (physical items that need to be returned) may not be placed on Reserve.
  • Recalled ILL material(s) must be returned immediately - the lending library has advised us they must have it returned immediately.  Failure to immediately return recalled ILL material(s) will result in a block of ILL service as well as $2.00 per day fines.
  • Any fines, fees, charges, or invoice(s) incurred because of late return, lost, or damage to the ILL material are the patron's responsibility & will be charged against your library account.
  • Any ILL patron who has material(s) more than two weeks overdue may be blocked from ILL service and library borrowing.
  • Faculty owing $50.00 or more of any ILL fines, fees, charges or invoice(s) will be blocked from ILL service and library borrowing.
  • Students and staff owing $10.00 or more of ILL fines, fees, charges or invoices will be blocked from ILL service and library borrowing.

Document Delivery

Electronic copies (scans) of articles and book chapters, as permitted by copyright, available in paper copy in Penfield may be requested by SUNY Oswego faculty, Graduate students, and Distance Learners using the Interlibrary Loan form.

 m.p.,d.u. 8/2003
Approved at Library Advisory Group meeting, 2/27/07
Updated with Advisory Group approval, 9/9/08
Updated with Advisory Group approval 1/29/2013


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