Multimedia Production Room Reservation Form

The Multimedia Production Room, number 210 near the 2nd Floor Service Desk in the Library, may be scheduled for use by faculty, staff and students.  The room contains a PC and Mac. Both are outfitted with a webcam, headphones/microphone, recording software, and tutorials.

Book the Multimedia Production Room.

For questions or more information, see policies below, call Library Administration at 315-312-3554 or 315-312-4232, or email

Technical Assistance
  • For technical assistance, ask at the 2nd Floor Service Desk. The staff will contact library technology personnel when they are available, or if they are not, contact the CTS Technology Support Center at 315-312-3456.
  • The room is available for students, faculty and staff.
  • Students must make an appointment to use the room.  Use this form to do so.
  • Your reservation request will not be complete until you have responded to the email confirmation from
  • The room is available whenever the library is open.
  • To access the room, sign out the key from the 2nd Floor Service Desk. You will need your campus ID card to do so.
  • If the room is not reserved, it is available to faculty and professional staff on a first-come-first-served basis.
Guidelines for Student Use of the Multimedia Room

Room 210 is available for the creation of multimedia projects only. This includes video, audio, music, animation, and graphics. Room 210 is not available for writing papers or using the internet. Although you can use the room to create content for presentations, the room is not to be used for the creation of the presentation itself (PowerPoint/Keynote/Prezi).

All students wishing to use room 210 must make an appointment. The following considerations will be taken into account when determining priority:  
The project supports:

  • a specific class
  • an official SUNY Oswego organization
  • a Departmental or University-wide multimedia project
  • personal development or artistic vision