Library Study Areas and Group Use of the Library

Penfield Library recognizes that students need a variety of study spaces. The library will be successful in maintaining its study areas only with student support. When there are problems, the librarian at the Research Help Desk should be informed.

Food is permitted in the Lake Effect Café and 24-Hour Room. Covered drinks are acceptable throughout the library except in the CTS computer lab.

Lake Effect Conference Room

Lake Effect Conference Room: This room is located near the Lake Effect Café and may be scheduled by faculty, students, and staff for meetings, group study, and presentation practice. To reserve this room, see the Lake Effect Conference Room Booking Request Form.

IGLUs (Innovative Group Learning Units): are located at the back of the first floor lobby area. They contain large screen displays for group collaboration. They are used on a first-come-first-served basis.

Inside of IGLU
Group Study Room

Group Study Rooms: Four rooms with glass doors and windows are located around the center of the building on the second (3 rooms) and third (1 room) floors. These rooms are designated for use by more than one person and are available on a first come, first served basis.

Other Group Areas: Groups may gather around tables throughout the first and second floors, in the Lake Effect Café, and in Penfield Classroom 2 when it is not being used for classes. Wireless Internet access is available throughout the first and second floors and in the corners on the third floor.  Mobile white boards are located on the first and second floors.

Group Study Nook on second floor
Group Table on second floor

The library does not have the space for group study halls nor the staff to monitor them. Group study areas for this purpose are available in other campus buildings and should be scheduled through the Event Management Office, Department of Campus Life: Event Space Request Form.

Media Viewing Room: This room (211), on the second floor, is intended for 2-6 people to view multimedia presentations such as videos and DVDs.  DVD/VCR players are also available in the open media area.  The large screen display can also be used with laptops and other media technology.

Media Viewing Room (211)

Quiet Study: The third floor is reserved for quiet study. Because large groups in themselves can be disruptive, the library asks large groups to stay off this floor. The open study rooms on this floor are also quiet study areas. The Reference Room is a good spot for minimal noise; groups maintaining reasonable quiet are welcome.

24-Hour Room: This room contains computers and study space, but is not a designated quiet study area.

Study Carrels: Individual study carrels are available on the second and third floors for semester-long or one-day use. For more information, see the Penfield Library Study Carrels page.

Presentation Practice: Space for practicing presentations (including PowerPoint) is available in the Lake Effect Conference Room (see above), Penfield Classroom 2 (available on a first come first served basis), IGLUs (see above), and Media Viewing Room (see above). Students should inquire at the Research Help Desk about using equipment in this room.  Portable projectors are also available to turn any room into a presentation space.

Filming or Photography in the library: Library Filming and Photo Shoot Permission Form.

Computer Locations: Computers are available in the library's computer lab, library lobby, 24-Hour Room, Reference Room, and Teaching Resource Center. Laptop computers are available to check out at the Check-Out & Reserves Desk for in-house use. Penfield Classoom 1 will be open for computer use when it is not scheduled for class.

The Library welcomes comments on this policy through its Make a Suggestion form or by meeting with the Library Director.