Filming and Photo Shoot Permission Form

Individuals or groups sometimes want to use the library as a setting or as background for filming and taking photos. To ensure that students are not unnecessarily interrupted as a result of this activity, it is necessary for people seeking to use the library in this way to first get permission from Library Administration.

When filming for a class assignment in which background is not important, suggested spaces for recording video are as follows: Group viewing room; group study rooms; Penfield Classroom 2.



  • Students may receive permission to do course-related filming or photographing under the following circumstances:
    • The filming does not interfere with students studying, library business, or events like Open House.
    • The site within the library is appropriate and used in a safe manner.
    • The filming is at a time and of short enough duration that it is not disruptive.
    • The equipment used does not interrupt other use of nearby space, which may mean that only natural light is allowed.
  • Student film crews are expected to conduct their work as they would in the real business world. This includes getting signed permission from Library Administration in advance of the time of the filming and having the permission in hand during the filming.
  • Permission should be requested at least 24 hours ahead of time, and will only be processed Mon - Fri.
  • Permission is not effective until the requestor receives an email confirmation.

Locations and times

  • Some areas of the library are off limits to video shooting of any kind, such as the 3rd floor quiet study areas and staff work areas.
  • The library does not want film shoots in the building during certain times of the academic year, such as Reading Days and Finals Week.
  • Filming should generally be done during less busy hours, that is, between 8:00 and 11:00 am, Mon - Fri.


  • Photographers must provide their own subjects or obtain the consent of anyone who is photographed.

Request Permission

Name of person seeking permission
Phone Number
Email Address
Type of Project
Brief description of the
filming/photo shoot
(including proposed location)
Special needs
Number of people involved
Dates preferred

1st Preference

2nd Preference

Beginning and ending time of event