Lake Effect Café Group Reservations Policies

Penfield Library's Lake Effect Café (the room) is open to the public whenever the library is open. College departments, committees, and officially recognized organizations are welcome to reserve use, subject to the following guidelines.

Please allow three working days (Monday - Friday) to receive a response to your request.

  • Group Reservations (maximum 35 people) are available.
  • The Lake Effect Café food service, open to the public, sets its own hours and will not close for exclusive use of the facility. Groups using the room during serving hours agree to admit anyone who wishes to purchase food & drink and/or use the room for study.
  • Alcohol is not part of the mix while the café is open. Alcohol is considered only when groups have exclusive use of the room and is subject to guidelines from campus catering and the College Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs (section 5F of Faculty & Professional Staff Handbook).
  • Exclusive use of the room is available only when the café food service is closed.
  • Groups must provide their own publicity for events.
  • Major rearrangement of furniture is not permitted. The room must be left the way it was before you arrived.
  • Noise should remain at a level that is not disruptive to activities in other areas of the library.
  • Sound systems for musical amplification are not permitted unless approved by the Library Director.
  • The room is currently not wired for computer-assisted presentations or audio. Technology needs must be arranged in advance with Campus Technology Services.
Food & Drink Service
  • Groups may purchase their food & drink at the Lake Effect Café counter or arrange for catering through Auxiliary Services. Outside catering and home cooked food are not permitted.
  • To make reservations, please submit an online Café Reservation Form. If you have questions, call Library Administration at  315-312-4232 or email
  • Lake Effect Café Calendar
  • To arrange for coffee/snack service or catering, call 315-312-2992 as soon as café booking confirmation is received to ensure service is available on requested date.