ERIC Tutorial

7.1 Search by Journal Title

There is another option for determining whether Penfield Library owns the journal you need. This option has a few more steps, but it is useful for occasions when you have all the details about the article - like when you find an interesting article in a reference list.

To do a journal title search, follow these steps:

  • From Penfield Library's homepage choose "Journals by Title"
  • Type in the name of the desired journal (NOT the article title)
  • Look at your results screen (example below) and choose a link that matches the date you need. Most links take you to electronic full-text databases. The "Penfield Library - check catalog for holdings" link will connect you with our catalog.

Image of search results for 'Teaching Exceptional Children'


    When you link to a database, your results will vary depending upon the database. Some will bring you to a list of all articles from that journal, and you will want to conduct a search for the specific article. Others will take you to a list of available issues, from which you can choose the one you need. And a few will take you to a search screen where the title of your journal has already been automatically entered as one of the search limits, where you can enter your article title or key words.


    This last step sounds a little complicated, but this is by far the easiest way to locate a specific journal article for which you have the basic journal information.

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